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Stacey Jackson's 'Soldier': An Empowering Anthem for Emotional Liberation

Iconic UK-Based Artist Stacey Jackson Returns with 'Soldier,' a Pioneering Track from Her Upcoming Album 'Super Woman

The Ever-Evolving Stacey Jackson

From her origins in the '80s to her latest hits, Stacey Jackson has continuously redefined what it means to be a pop dance artist. The UK-based singer-songwriter embodies the spirit of transformation, never failing to adapt her iconic '80s sound into modern chart-toppers.

The Birth of 'Soldier'

Her new single "Soldier" serves as the first teaser of her eagerly anticipated album 'Super Woman.' The song builds upon Stacey's consistent themes of empowerment and self-expression, aiming to challenge societal norms and encourage positive change. The track is co-written with Ramzi Sleiman, a previous collaborator on her No. 1 single ‘Flipside.’

Promotional shot of Stacey Jackson, the multifaceted artist behind 'Soldier.

A Song with a Story

Inspired by her close friends who mustered the courage to come out later in life, "Soldier" is an anthem for emotional liberation. It champions the freedom to be oneself in a world that often pressures us to conform. As Stacey sings, "There comes a time for change, the power to be free; in this game of life, we've got to choose what's it gonna be."

More Than Just a Song

Stacey elaborates on the multi-faceted nature of identity in the song and its accompanying music video. “We all have different characters to ourselves, wearing multiple hats. However, you must be your own soldier, true to yourself, in every scenario,” she emphasizes.

Promotional shot of Stacey Jackson, the multifaceted artist behind 'Soldier.'
Promotional shot of Stacey Jackson, the multifaceted artist behind 'Soldier.'

An Icon in Her Own Right

Stacey Jackson is not just a musician but a full-fledged icon. She's a TV presenter, entrepreneur, and a mother of four, having launched her music career at age 40. After releasing four albums and over a dozen singles, her impact on the dance music scene remains indelible.

A Legacy Beyond Music

Her love for the '80s extends beyond her music; it's a part of her identity. In 2021, she hosted her own TV show and penned a book titled "How A Gangsta Rapper Made Me A Better Mum." Whether it's through her music, her TV show, or her writing, Stacey Jackson is a force of nature, encouraging us all to be our own soldiers in the game of life.

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