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"Stay" Awhile: Lierda's Emotional Odyssey Through Heartbreak and Healing

Cover Art: The cover art for "Stay," encapsulating the song's melancholic atmosphere.
Cover Art: The cover art for "Stay"
Lierda, the Lebanese-Canadian duo, delivers a hauntingly beautiful single "Stay," capturing the essence of heartbreak and raw emotions.

The Emotional Odyssey of "Stay" Lierda, composed of Adrien Charafeddine and Jeil Eid, has released their latest single "Stay," a hauntingly beautiful track that captures the essence of heartbreak and raw emotions. With a smooth guitar pattern and soulful vocals, the song offers a perfect space for quiet and contemplative moments.

The Journey of Lierda Starting off in Doha, Qatar, and now making their way around the world, Lierda has come a long way. From recording in a friend's bedroom studio with mediocre equipment to upgrading to an SSL 2+ audio interface and a Slate Digital ML-1 condenser microphone, the duo has shown immense growth. Their hard work has paid off, landing them spots on several radio stations and editorial playlists.

Influences and Ethos Influenced by artists like EDEN and 6LACK, Lierda focuses on delivering an aura of downtempo hip-hop and R&B. "The time we feel most comfortable is when we listen to songs you can drive to, soft but not too soft," says Adrien. The song "Stay" symbolizes the good times in the bad, striving to be in the right mental state despite life's challenges.

Promo Shot: Lierda's Adrien Charafeddine and Jeil Eid, the creative minds behind the emotional single "Stay."
Promo Shot: Lierda - "Stay."

Quirks and Quotes

Recording wasn't always smooth sailing. "We just got a new parrot, and condenser microphones can capture everything. I had to tell my brother to take them all for a ride so I could finish my recording," Adrien shares. As for their guiding philosophy, they resonate with Murphy's Law: "Whatever can happen, will happen," a quote they find simple yet powerful.

The Takeaway

"Stay" is not just a song; it's an emotional odyssey. It's a testament to Lierda's growth as artists and their ability to navigate the complex soundscape of human emotions. As they continue to evolve, one thing is clear: Lierda is a duo to watch, and "Stay" is a track that will leave you pondering long after the music has stopped.

Mood: Emotional, Melancholic

Genre: Downtempo Hip-Hop, R&B

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