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Baden-Wüttemberg, Germany

Stellan Perrick knows great R&B. The sub-bass, the quality of it, has to be just right: deep enough that you can’t quite grab it, loud enough that you can feel it. The percussion has to hold the attitude of the song: it rides slow and low, making sure the sun is always on the brink of the horizon. When the vocals come in, they have to know the deal. Get in, get out. In style. That’s the ticket.

Knowing what makes great music, and loving music, has allowed Stellan Perrick to produce one hell of a track with, ‘NAUGHTY.’ It's funky, it has a melody that sticks with you, a chorus that punches well above its weight and a vibe that rivals the greats. I meant it when I said Stellan Perrick knows great R&B, and to prove it he made some. It's chill, thick, lyrical and full of passion. ‘NAUGHTY’ does it with style. That’s the ticket.



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