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STORI BROOKS tells a story in new project #WeClimbedATree and it's not from a book




Brooklyn, United States

Credit - Stori Brooks




Brooklyn, United States-based #StoriBrooks is an American vocalist/songwriter/musician. Her latest release #WeClimbedATree gives credit to an "appointed meeting area of three friends that shared pivotal moments in each other’s lives". The artist wants us to know that "While those moments are not directly addressed in this project, “WE CLIMBED A TREE” celebrates the happiness, security, emotion, ambition, and pure expression that Stori Brooks experienced there." When I was first introduced to this project I had many questions - the main one being "Who is #StoriBrooks and what is her story? So, let me take you through her latest project, and then you can have a listen to it for yourselves...





Combining a multitude of genres #StoriBrooks merges the beauty of R&B, Rap, and drone (to name a few) to create her signature sound in a cinematic soundtrack titled #WeClimbedATree. This project contains 5 tracks that vary in length from 24 seconds to just under 3 minutes long. Regardless of the length, each track provides something integral to this artist's sound that incorporates so many genres. So, let's get into the tracks then. #HelloThere opens the project in a swirl meets drone production. Ah man, what can I say here? The wackiness of #DojaCat comes to mind. You interested yet? I am. #StoriBrooks definitely impressed me here from the oddness of the instrumentation to the subtle yet attitude-packed vocals. The panning of the instrumentation and the vocals worked well too! #Stages take the project to a whole other level. Repeating "All the worlds' a stage, which parts will you play?" is a clever word play on a popular quote. What I noticed here is that the artist asks which parts you will play - very much suggesting that we all have a game to play. #LawandConstitution was instantly added to my 'Tamara Jenna's Top Picks' Spotify playlist for one very basic reason. THE TRACK SLAPS HARD. At this point, I'm gathering that #StoriBrooks is or can be a political artist..and with the name #StoriBrooks I can't help but believe that the name is a wordplay of "Story Books". At the midpoint of this track the whole vibe switches from instrumentation, genre, and vocals. In a brief transition, the vibe goes from trap to classical piano then straight into a messy distortion of experimentalism. I can't help but truly believe that #StoriBrooks is an artistic prodigy. #ZorainAMirror is a speech that is accompanied by a haunting synth and feedback sounds. An impactful 24 seconds. #Dreams closes #WeClimedATree on a whole other planet. Now entering a space of R&B we hear #StoriBrooks sing her lyrics for the only time during the project. The lyrics are deep, they remind me of emo-rap with a twist - a contemporary R&B meets an Alternative R&B twist. This project is incredible. The best creativity I've heard in a whole long time.



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