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Suburban Bicycle Gang's "In The Cosmos": A Funky, Colorful Indie Rock Track That Soars

Suburban Bicycle Gang "In The Cosmos" single cover art

Suburban Bicycle Gang are pushing their sound out into the world as hard as they can. Their latest single, ‘In The Cosmos,’ is a funky, rocking, colourful number that plays with fascinating textures to deliver a sound that is unlike anything else. It pinches from jazz, holds the door for soul and looks over its shoulder at classic rock before taking its own path in life. It's indie rock with a twist of lime and a splash of starlight.

The bass knocks you out first. Then the beat follows suit. The world begins to shimmer as you pick up speed, hurtling towards the edge of the atmosphere. When you break the limit, you hear something coming from the void. A voice — cool, collected, gritty. This far from Earth and you find a sound that exudes humanity. It writhes in the sound, in the astral colour-way. It finds the beat and moves to it. The song breaks, the chorus is phenomenal and the instrumental breathes into a new life. Suburban Bicycle Gang’s ‘In The Cosmos’ is a sweltering indie rock track that never stops growing.



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