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Suliian's Sonic Revolution: 'How to Never Be Okay' Defies Indie Boundaries!

The blend of sounds on suliian’s ‘how to never be okay’ is amazing in its complexity and stark indifference to modern-day indie norms. The vocals sit softly in the centre, tonal and clear yet calm. They sway in the melody as if it passes by in gentle florets — when in reality it pulses with deep power and collides with the richness of the earth. Beats clash underfoot, synth rises high into the clouds. The light begins to fade as classic strings swoon against dark bass that shudders and howls. Still, the vocal is calm, contented. It leans on your shoulder in a friendly way as the world falls to pieces around you.

suliian has pushed every mark with ‘how to never be okay.’ The sound is new, the textures are supreme and the melody catches your breath in its hands, to keep forever and ever. For even more extremely diverse sounds you can check out suliian’s album, to gentle giant. The colour of music is brighter than ever, ‘how to never be okay’ has widened my eyes.



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