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SUNDAY SLOWDOWN - 08/05/2022



Paul Loren - Something In The Way She Moves (Cover Single)

Brooklyn, United States

Coming at Number 1 in this weeks' Sunday Slowdown is...*drum roll* Paul Loren with 'Something In The Way She Moves' cover. The band behind the track include Paul Loren - vocals, piano Zach Jones - drums, vocals Oscar Albis Rodriguez - guitars, bass, vocals. When asked what the band's main influences are they listed a few - The Beatles and Beach Boys. This artist has a story to tell! When asked about guest appearances we learned that he is no stranger to The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon, Jennifer Lopez's private birthday party in Las Vegas, opened for The Temptations, Andy Grammar. *Mouth Drop* Oh, and, their drummer Zach Jones is now on tour with Sting! This single was recorded at the end of 2021 at Studio G in Brooklyn, NY on the bands' vintage 1976 MCI console, the same one used to record "Saturday Night Fever". I don't even need to tell you what to do next.



Olivier Pierre - Pactum Serva


Next up at Number 2 we have Olivier Pierre with 'Pectum Serva. A piece for piano and orchestra, "Pactum Serva" offers the first glimpse into Olivier's sonic imagination. "Pactum Serva is written from the perspective of someone who feels despair about the state of our planet and mankind but still hopes for their future. It was composed for all those who believe that beauty, humanity, and intelligence will eventually prevail". When asked about the inspiration behind the project we were given the following message - "I was reflecting on the reference to time, which is really interesting, since "Pactum Serva" is written in the form of an adagio. An

adagio corresponds to a tempo close to that of a clock (i.e. 60 beats per minute). This slow and majestic beat also corresponds to that of a beating human heart. The correlation between temporal and organic aspects of our life with purely musical elements is an absolutely fascinating subject..." AGREED! This is highly relatable, click the link below to hear it for yourself!



Grey Tower Heights - By the Sea

London, United Kingdom

Claiming the Number 3 spot this week is Grey Tower Heights with 'By The Sea'. By the Sea explores the fantasy of escaping the pressures of city life and starting again. Like the sea itself, this tale of hope and misery may appear calm on the surface, until you are dragged down into its depths. This is an acoustic-folk inspired track that will get you relaxing this Sunday in a swoop of cinematics full of sounds of the ocean and calls out to sea so make sure that you go check it out by clicking the streaming link below.



Tally Koren - Both Sides Now

London, United Kingdom

Credit - Boyd Skinner

International singing sensation, Tally Koren returns with a heartbreaking and beautiful rendition of the Joni Mitchell penned, "Both Sides Now." A wistful and melancholy soliloquy, the song was originally released in 1967 by Judy Collins. Since then the heart-wrenching ballad has become a modern Pop classic. Tally Koren delivers a powerful and deeply personal performance. Accompanied by a solo piano, she sings of losing her faith in the illusions of love. As the track progresses, orchestral strings and subtle backing vocals join the ensemble and add a touch of theatre to Tally Koren’s visceral performance. We feel every ounce of her pain.



FRANK CERVANTES - Not Far Down The Road

South Jersey, United States

Frank Cervantes is a songwriter and recording artist from South Jersey, currently residing in Newtown, Pa. He is a founding member of the synthwave group Retroglyphs, and was priorly a member of The Once Was and The City Music Project. Frank Cervantes has performed over 500 shows and is a consistent presence in the Philly area music scene. His music is often featured on WXPN in PhiladelphiaEnding this EP with 'Backwards Town' we hear a stripped-back acoustic guitar with an acoustic piano along with Frank's vocals. A lovely acoustic ending to such a high-energy compilation. The drum playing brings more rhythm to the acoustics of the piece. This project is a real mix of indie-rock and acoustic that keeps to the signature sound that this artist has crafted for himself. Lovely EP. Make sure that you click the link below to hear it and scroll down to see our interview with the man behind the project!



Ben Pratt - Reflections

Stoke-On-Trent, United Kingdom

Opening with raw and haunting vocals the opening track gives us an acoustic and moving piano piece before we hear the harmonies that this artist has to give. Full of questions about a previous love, we become captured by the lyrics of this song. A true heartbreak acoustic track that really got me in my feelings in all of my own reflections. I instantly felt that this artist meant every word that he had to give.



Joël Francis - InterPhased

Leuven, Belgium

InterPhased is a song about two souls finding each other and colliding. The strong connection two people can have is reflected in this slow-balled R&B vibe of this song. In a statement we were told "We made it in one night because everything just fit so smoothly fort the start. The instruments combined with the vocals really serves for taking you on this trip with us."I love the philosophy of this artist already! When asked who the band members are, she simply said "I'm featuring this song with my partner, Zofilo." How beautiful! The two met in the studio, initially recording for another song. Taking influence from artists such as Kali Uchis, Don Toliver, Sza, Jazmine Sullivan and Victoria Monet, we knew this would be one worth listening to! and it really is! So make sure you go check it out right now. Show some love.



New York City, United States

Aspen is a singer songwriter, producer who recorded her latest EP 'SPACE' in her "little apartment in Chinatown NYC". She also produced and mixed her project - something many of us try to do but sometimes fail. Quoting Aspen the artist said that she "wanted the project to feel weightless, hence the name SPACE. At the same time, the lyrics are very personal to me, as I wrote them while navigating a troubled time in my relationship. We found ourselves searching for more SPACE, and wishing we might be able to go back in time." When asked for a quote the artist simply said "Come float with me" so I decided to give it go! This album was so good I had to bring it over to our Top 10 Slowdown Sunday this week! Check out her full album review in the feature section!



Jacob Rountree - Walk A Mile

Bozeman, United States

Credit - Jacob Rountree

Jacob Rountree, is a Singer-Songwriter/ Alternative Folk group offering a very dynamic sound. On June 3rd, Jacob and the band will be celebrating the release of his brand new album, “As I See It.” Jacob Rountree’s songwriting style is best described as passionate, hypnotic, multi-dimensional, poetic and diverse. His new album has been deeply analyzed and reworked for nearly three years and it is finally time to come together and celebrate Rountree’s largest production and most collaborative release, “As I See It." His current release entitled 'Walk A Mile' really got out attention during our search this week so make sure that you don't miss out. Click the link!



Drew Thomas - San Francisco

London, United Kingdom

Credit - Rebecca Need-Menear

Drew Thomas has swooped in to take the top spot this week with his new release! “San Francisco is about a long term relationship and the sickening feeling you get when you miss someone you love. It started off as a classic piano ballad but the more I played it, the more I realised it was a rock song at heart.”Taking inspiration from The Killers, Bon Iver and Radiohead, Drew’s knack for writing arena sized choruses and nostalgic lyrics steals the listener’s attention immediately, merging passionate vocals and emotional soundscapes with a darker twist, spilling tales of rejection, broken relationships and

addiction. Drew is currently managed by Grizzly Sounds and is looking for a record label & publishing deal. Drew has written and recorded over 300 songs for himself & others. He has amassed multiple songwriting credits writing for; Tom Walker, Benji Reyes and Kovic to select a few. This is such a great song and the songwiting is top class! Make sure that you click the link below!


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