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SUNDAY SLOWDOWN - 26/06/2022



Rose Thorn - Reciprocal Love

Brighton, United Kingdom

#ReciprocalLove is the latest masterpiece by Brighton-based artist #RoseThorn. The first thing I thought when I heard the first few lines was that this track needs to be on the Love Island soundtrack. Whether it be one of those Firepit recoupling moments or one of those light-down scenes, I can absolutely envision it becoming part of the show (sync licensing go get it). This is a piece that crafts acoustic piano and luscious harmonies which are accompanied by touching lyrics that absolutely work here to create a true masterpiece. Hands down my Number 1 track this Sunday.



Victor Alexeeff - Beethoven's 'Sonata No. 8 in C Minor, Op. 13: I. Grave - Adagio molto

Los Angeles, United States

Los Angeles-based artist #VictorAlexeeff released his latest 8-track project #ClassicsUnleashed last month. The project is a cover album of classic compositions by classical legends #Bach, #Beethoven, and, #Vivaldi that offer a unique input from #VictorAlexeef. First up is a reimagination of #Beethoven's 'Sonata No. 8 in C Minor, Op. 13: I. Grave - Adagio molto'. This piece takes a classic piano piece and adds a full orchestral feel through the weaving of strings and bass notes and percussion. #VictorAlexeeg does not stop there! Adding modern synths to the piece absolutely made all of the difference here!



Sky Canyon - You Know That I've Loved You (For a Long, Long Time)

Boulder, United States

#SkyCanyon blew me away with this piece. It is the perfect soundtrack for your Sunday and even a date night. With a smooth sultry Latin-inspired Jazz production, this track is the cherry on a dry martini. This piece immediately took me back to Bar SixtyFive (Rainbow Room) through perfectly crafted grooves. The Vibraphone and sax in this piece work together as solos to create something mindful and creative. Unlike some jazz-inspired productions, this composition runs smoothly, the rhythms don't come in on off beats. This creates something smooth and relaxing! It's undeniable, that you will get lost in this one. I was taken out of my office and back into the Rainbow Room - where did you go?



Michael Bakrnčev - Calm - Trio for Flute, Violin and Harp

Reservoir, Australia

This track opens with exactly what it states in its title - A trio of Flute, Violin, and Harp. The three instruments work together beautifully to create a soundtrack for your dreams. Individually each instrument takes its turn in the spotlight through the careful and intricate mixing techniques. This is a piece that tells the most gorgeous, utopic story without the need for words. Although the track is almost nine minutes long, it doesn't get boring for a second. I loved hearing this one - it's refreshing to hear something so basic in its acoustics yet so carefully crafted.



Voyage - Drifting

Portland, Oregon, United States

Portland-based artist #Voyage has created a great track that has you #Drifting away - packed with lo-fi hip-hop beats and lyrics that express his love for music. The track has such a chilled-out yet rhythmic beat that is perfect for any relaxation playlist. If you're looking for a track for your Sunday walks or something to listen to in bed this weekend then this is a must for your playlists! I'm very much looking forward to hearing where the musical journey of #Voyage progresses as he drifts into new spaces. Click the playlist below to get familiar with his work.



Maja Kristina - Neighboorhood

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm-based artist #MajaKritina made it straight into my Sunday playlist this week with her latest release #Neighborhood. Fresh out just two days ago, this track has the work of renowned Swedish writer/producer Jörgen Elofsson in its credits in a song that tackles the theme of relationship breakdown. Although the topic seems bleak, the track packs a punch in its pop productive elements. I thoroughly enjoyed the way that the lyrics, mellow vocals, and the production elements work together to create this sound! Check it out by clicking the link below.



Sehruhtonin - Fathom The Phantom

Bristol, United Kingdom

Bristol-based artist #SarahValerie aka #Sehruhtonin is a singer, songwriter, and producer who pieces together all of her own pieces. Impressive right? BBC Introducing had the same thought when showcasing the artists several times to date. Following her last single entitled 'In-Between', her latest track #FathomThePhantom addresses the struggles of anxiety through haunting yet gorgeous harmonies. The track has a basic yet moving instrumentation that is heavily reverbed to create a distant feel. If you're into haunting expressive art with airy vocals then make sure that you click the link below to get familiar with #Sehruhtonin on her musical journey.



Rose - Take me the long way

Parma, Italy

Italian artist #Rose definitely blossomed this week! Her latest release #Takemethelongway whisks us into a land of acoustics with acoustic piano and uplifting strings in a song that would smash it as a musical theatre production! The story told here takes you through a land of sunshine, inspiration, and love both in production and lyrical content. One thing that really tugged on my soppy little heart was that the track was written as a wedding promise from #Rose to her partner who married in September. How beautiful is that?! This track would suit lovers of relaxing/stripped-back musical theatre pieces and those who are looking for something relaxing this Sunday. Check it out below.



Abumbabeba - Welcome to the Metaverse

London, United Kingdom

#WelcometotheMetaverse is something very diverse and different. Its opening doesn't fit the bill for a Sunday Slowdown piece in its high techno-inspired opening but don't be fooled by that. The piece quickly changes from the futuristic techno vibes and into a jazz/hip-hop-inspired piece. I found this switch highly inspirational. London-based #Abumbabeba is a project produced by Prince of Napoli (Seb Del Vecchio, who is also the mixing engineer). This piece is super cool, in a mix of futuristic and old-school vibes. Intrigued? Take a step into the metaverse by clicking the link below.



Blue Cove - Thrive

Chicago, United States

#BlueCove brings a little Shoegaze to our Sunday Slowdown this week. Packed with airy vocals, guitar, and drums this piece adds both a dreamy vibe as well as a rock one. This track reminds me of 90s rock with a hint of modern alternative. Addressing the theme of social anxiety and negative thoughts I felt that this track would be perfect for those who tend to ruminate on days when there isn't much going on (Typically Sundays). If you're looking for something with a heavier feel then make sure that you check out the Chicago-based group by clicking the link below.



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