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Time & Space

Washington, DC, United States

Calling ALL Topical House Fans! Washington, DC-based duo ‘SUNSET+MINE’ have just released their latest fusion of sunset and beach hut waves of pulsing synths. The title of the latest release to wash up on our shores is ‘Time & Space’. Air, Water, Fire, Earth, this song is certainly in tune with its elements.

Electronic love songs have a way of uniting listeners – Afterall, all of us are familiar with the concept! This makes the lyrical content a bonding force between the instruments and the lyrical execution. Pulsating synths and tropical beats act as the gateway away from your current surroundings and into a vision of crystal-clear seas, cocktails/mocktails and the open sky.

Female vocals act as a transition between currents, transcendent, melodic and enveloped. Talks of a dreamland, away from the kids and the noise of the world – ‘Time & Space’ is one for the pop, chill, chill house and tropical house playlists.

There’s an innocent within the piece that lead singer Valarie captures perfectly, the production takes a break between vocals to introduce a sound that resembles mindfulness, being in the moment and the slowing down of nature. I think that this break works really well to portray the concept of the song.

As this husband and wife duo continue to make music, I’m looking forward to hearing how their sound transitions over time.


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