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Super Saiyan Jay & GC Merge 'W.A.P' Energy with hints of Grande & Miller in 'An Unplanned Christmas

Super Saiyan Jay and GC's "An Unplanned Christmas" – Redefining Holiday Hip-Hop

Super Saiyan Jay and GC, two dynamic Florida-based artists, have joined forces to create "An Unplanned Christmas," an EP that breathes new life into holiday music. Known each other for years, their collaboration in the West Palm Beach area has culminated in this exciting project.

The EP was recorded in a Palm Beach studio, and engineered by Oscar. Their goal was to fuse their unique styles and create holiday music that stands out from the traditional festive tunes, aiming to become a perennial favourite.

"Deck The Halls" was crafted with the intent of becoming a party anthem that is designed to get listeners dancing and enjoying the holiday spirit. Does it work? YES! Bringing attitude and flavour to the icey season, it has the fire and the ice. 808s carry the track similar to The Megan The Stallion x Cardi B Hit "W.A.P" whilst the traditional bell synth melody of "Deck The Halls" rides out back.

In contrast, "Wish List" is a heartfelt, Christmas-themed track about the joy of giving and spending time with loved ones. Reminiscent of Ariana Grande's x Mac Miller's "The Way" and Doja Cat's "Like That", the soft yet attitude-packed pop meets Hip-Hop feel is destined to be one for your wishlist playlists hands down.

Super Saiyan Jay adds his flair to the EP with lines like "Girl you don't wanna miss this, can I get a witness? I'ma need them mistletoe kisses." encapsulating the EP's vibe – playful, festive, and distinctly hip-hop, That's only one example of the distinctively catchy wordplay here.

Both these tracks pop, they bring the festive vibe whilst sticking to traditional hip-hop roots, embedding trap along the way. If I were you I wouldn't wait any longer to hit play. This two tracks are chart-ready bangers.

Genres: Christmas Holiday Music, Hip-Hop, Rap, Trap

Moods: Nostalgic, Celebratory, Festive

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