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SV - Chill N' Vibe


Chill N' Vibe

Nashua, United States

Credit - Frank Barbera

‘Chill N’ Vibe’ from SV (feat. Alyssa Jane & Kevin Scott) is a powerhouse in the lo-fi space. It's a dominantly instrumental track with sparkles of vocal to keep the peace. Jazz rules the day, with soft brass tones leading the melody into the muggy gloom and over the cobbles of emotion. The bass and the beat hold hands and work in tandem to create a rhythm that syncopates your heartbeat. You’re in the song, out the song, of the song, from the song; You are the song. Then the vocals climb in, velvet smooth, and caress you into lucidity.

Jazz has a way of speaking to the human mind I think. How free it is, the boundaries it breaks and its simplicity. It is a sound, aching to be human, but it will never bridge that gap. Adding lo-fi sounds and a harmonic vocal is a way to make that gap smaller than it has ever been before. ‘Chill N’ Vibe’ is Day-making.



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