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SWISS BANKS - Make It Work


Make It Work

Austin, Texas, United States

Credit - Ben Root

Whew! Indie pop can make you sweat and no one is doing it better than Swiss Banks. Their single, ‘Make It Work,’ is a blissfully bright and euphoric indie rock and post-punk exploration of the modern social scene. That, or it's just a great tune. The guitars are shining in the moonlight, twinkling melodies over a bass line that is taut and funky to the core. The drums clatter and splash and keep a rhythm that is so infectious it's going to need quarantining. When the vocals come in you’re singing up for the long haul. They’re conversational and hold a melody like the greats. They hit harmonies that you never see coming and sew the song together with deft control and volume, it's masterful in its simplicity.

Post-punk needs nothing more, indie rock needs nothing more. That’s what it's all about. Forget the fads, forget the frills. Where’s the music come from? The core, that’s where. Swiss Banks are a hefty reminder that if you just play great music from the core with all you’ve got, you’ll get a cracking song at the end of it.


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