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Sydney Gordon's 'I Should've Known': A Pop Treasure Breaking Boundaries

‘I Should’ve Known’ is the latest single from pop newcomer, Sydney Gordon. The track is fantastical. It is profound. The rich oomph of the bass carries through the song, the percussion riles the groove. There is a funk to the pop, there are also layers of soul here. Sydney Gordon has not just written another pop song, there is diversity, a challenge, a risk. A risk that paid off. The stop-start sends shivers down you. The punch in the chorus sends joy through your cheeks. There is a warmth in the vocal that is rare even in the greats. There is a body, a humanity to the lyrics. There is greatness here, a lot of it. A tremendous amount of musicality.

Sydney Gordon is writing modern classics. ‘I Should’ve Known’ breaks every rule, every expectation that most artists bring to a modern pop track. But it works, and it works so well. Golden — a treasure of a single, one to fight over.


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