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Sylvatic Black Channels the Spirit of 80s Rock in Punchy New Single 'Deadly Kiss',

‘Deadly Kiss’ is a single from Sylvatic Black that throws you right back to the biggest sounds of the 80s rock scene (think Def Leppard and the like). It’s a punchy anthem hit that fights to the very end and would never pull a punch in a million years. The fire in the percussion is electric. The jolt is instant and the shimmer rises as the beat plays. From the horizon: guitars that splice, dice, and shoot lasers with the skill of Flash Gordon; bass lines shoot from the sky, filling gaps in the melody with plush tones and a rhythm to end all rhythms. Then the vocal walks over the heat, casting long shadows over the track. It’s bold, passionate, and crunchy just when you want it to be. Throw in a break that gets you moving and a whole lot to jam to in the chorus and we’re onto a winner here.

Sylvatic Black have a sound they are aiming for and they have hit it with every aspect of ‘Deadly Kiss.’ Everything forms this cohesive sound that rises from the dust and breaks the silence with style, form, and love for rock and roll. This is music you can get lost in for hours. Brilliant work.



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