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Connect To The Stars

Paris, France

Credit - Valeriya Kulaeva, Ekaterina Beloglazova

Taliya Hafiz recreates that magical Christmas from Apollo 8, orbiting the moon and sending down to the blue jewel words of hope, wisdom and love. Millions gathered around TV sets to witness the moment that would push humanity to the next step. The beauty is captured in Taliya Hafiz’s latest single, ‘Connect to the Stars (Christmas Edition)’. It's an instrumental love song to that prominent historical moment. Piano and strings crest the emotional wave that was felt by humanity on that day and does it justice. Snippets of speech from the astronauts are dotted here and there, adding that context, that sense of time and scale and helping us to recall that astonishing moment.

‘Connect to the Stars (Christmas Edition)’ is a song of remembrance, a song of hope and understanding. The sounds and melodies allow us to connect to the people, the places, and the wonders of the not-so-distant past. Taliya Hafiz captures that feeling of elation, relief, of congratulation and joy, but they have done it in an honest and subtle way. It feels earned and not overdone. The piano rises and the strings keep it in check, the strings dip and way, but the piano keeps things in line. The melody works because it is the work of many, just as was that great achievement in 1968. A brilliant Christmas song, give thanks, tell stories, and relive lives; all to the splendid soundtrack that Taliya Hafiz provides for us.

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