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Tally Koren Unleashes Empowering Remix Anthem 'NOT SATISFIED,' a Collaboration with Xander Milne


The Evolution of an Artist

Meet Tally Koren, an extraordinary London-based singer-songwriter originally from Israel. Her eclectic and magnetic blend of electro-acoustic sound has gained her recognition across the globe, including a Fringe Award for Best Singer-Songwriter in 2011. With performances at iconic venues like the Royal Albert Hall and features on BBC Radio 2, Tally has proven to be an unstoppable force in the music world.


Fresh off the heels of her remix "It's Who You Are," which soared to number 13 on the UK Commercial Pop Chart, Tally Koren is back with another spellbinding single, "NOT SATISFIED." This time, she's collaborated with renowned remixer Xander Milne to produce an electrifying anthem that marries trance with her own breathy vocals to create an infectious, irresistible vibe.

A Message of Empowerment

However, the beauty of "NOT SATISFIED" is not just its melody but its deeply empowering message. Co-written by Tally Koren and Phil Scale, the song invites its listeners to stop, introspect, and love themselves beyond society's materialistic expectations. It's an anthem that preaches the importance of being your authentic self.

Tally Koren

The Xander Milne Effect

The Xander Remix takes the original track to a whole new level. Supported by industry big names like Tensnake, Cassius, and Groove Armada, Xander Milne brings an added layer of sophistication and allure to an already stunning piece. His remix is making waves and attracting attention from reputable sources like Pitchfork and Discobelle, adding even more promise to its potential for becoming a modern hit.

The Visual Dimension

Not one to shy away from getting her hands on every aspect of her art, Tally Koren has directed and edited the music video for "NOT SATISFIED," alongside video producer Will Visions. The video enhances the song's potent message of self-liberation, showcasing Tally’s knack for storytelling across multiple media.

A Personal Touch

Tally Koren takes the time to engage with her fans and promises to keep the circle of love and appreciation going. Her love for music and her audience is evident not just in her art but in her consistent drive to inspire people to be true to themselves.

🎙️ Artist Quote: "I gave my life to music and through it, I want to inspire people, to be themselves, and to follow their dreams, so they can be really happy and satisfied!" - Tally Koren

With "NOT SATISFIED," Tally Koren solidifies her place as a versatile, impactful artist, eager to break norms and challenge the status quo. Her music is more than just entertainment; it’s a lifeline for those seeking a deeper, more meaningful connection with themselves. And in an industry that's ever-changing, Tally Koren remains a beacon of authenticity.


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