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Rainy Days

Fort Myers, United States

Credit - Rambo Hinogami, Shane Thompson, Zachary Keppel

Teahouse are making big waves in the indie rock/new pop scene. Their latest single, ‘Rainy Days,’ holds within it a sound that is guttural, honest and profoundly human. It flows from the vocals like raw passion, you feel it in your bones as soon as the sound hits you. Behind them a stunningly bright collection of guitar, synths, and chipper percussion that only adds, it never takes away. The sound is rhythmic, colourful and full of hope. Teahouse’s sound will touch many, I’m sure of it. It's powerful in a way that translates so readily to the everyday. One song in and they’re a friend you can rely on; a sound all your own but one you don’t mind sharing with the world.

‘Rainy Days’ hits that alt-rock texture — that grit, that oomph. Though it doesn’t have that outward angst. It's not pushing you away but inviting you in, inviting you to feel, to let your passions grow. It’s music, played from the heart and performed with passion.


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