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TeejArtist and Mista Whippy Unleash 'Privilege' - A Bold Take on Entitlement and Wealth

'Privilege' Cover Art
'Privilege' Cover Art
The Leeds-based collective, featuring Rodgerplayz, dives into the attitudes of the affluent with their latest rap sensation.

In the bustling music scene of Leeds, the home of one the UK's finest music festivals, lives TeejArtist. Teaming up woth Mista Whippy, in collaboration with Rodgerplayz, the trio have released the single, "Privilege." This track takes a sharp look at the pervasive sense of entitlement among the wealthy, set against a backdrop of seductive beats and rap lyrics that don't pull any punches. Formed last year, this collective draws from a vast pool of life experiences to create music that resonates with the reality of modern society.

The partnership of TeejArtist and Mista Whippy, further enriched by the production skills of Rodgerplayz, symbolizes a new wave of music aimed at challenging societal norms. With their roots in Leeds, the group has rapidly made a name for themselves, even clinching the number one spot on Coventry's local chart, HillzFM, with their single "Box Fresh."

My immediate response to this release was - early N-Dubz! We need this sound! Don't try telling me any different. There's a tongue in cheek nature to the whole production but the heart of its message is serious. The way that it has been executed is cheeky, it's fun and it's catchy as hell. This trio have definitely got a new fan in me and I can't wait to hear more.

Drawing from their own life experiences, "Privilege" makes commentary on the times. It challenges the listener to reflect on the notions of entitlement and the disparities created by wealth by addressing the culture differences between themselves and a woman. I love the way that the lyrics have been crafted. I love the way that the rap styles of TeejArtist and Mista Whippy each offer a different sound to the overall piece and the bouncy nature of the production. It's is a blend of commercial pop and UK rap, infused with a vibe that's both relaxing and thought-provoking, ensuring its place not just in the charts but in the conversations of its audience.

Recorded in Leeds with the technical wizardry of Rodgerplayz, "Privilege" emerges from the concept of entitlement itself. The group wanted to shine a light on the often overlooked attitudes of those born into wealth, who navigate the world with an air of superiority. This track marks a significant moment for the collective, showcasing their ability to fuse catchy beats with meaningful lyrics.

As they continue to rise in the UK's music scene, their commitment to tackling real issues head-on sets them on path for a conscious, and successful future. You know what, this is going into our Ones2Watch!

Genre: Commercial Pop, Rap, UK Rap, Relaxing, Commercial Vocal Dance, Hip-Hop

Mood: Empowering, Thought-Provoking, Sassy, Seductive, Reflective

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