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Tenderhooks Dives into Summer Romance with 'Palace Pier': A Rock/Pop Anthem from Brighton's Best!

cover art for Tenderhooks' 'Palace Pier
cover art for Tenderhooks' 'Palace Pier

Brighton's Tenderhooks Captures the Bittersweet End of Summer Love on the Iconic Palace Pier.

Tenderhooks, the eclectic rock/pop ensemble from Brighton, UK, returns to the spotlight with their latest single, "Palace Pier". As the band gears up for their 10th album release, "Palace Pier" stands as a testament to their enduring creativity and commitment to original music. The single is a heartfelt narrative set against the backdrop of Brighton Palace Pier, where a summer romance faces its inevitable conclusion.

With Markus Leinweber on vocals, piano, and keyboards; Charl Cronje on vocals and guitars; Mike Phillips on bass guitar; and Andy Cooke on drums, Tenderhooks has honed their nostalgic and fresh soundscape. Their music—a vibrant blend of rock, pop, ska, and experimental tones—boasts strong melodies and instrumentation that promise an engaging listen.

The band, which reunited with drummer Andy Cooke after 20 years, brings a wide range of influences to their compositions, offering something for fans of retro vibes and modern melodies alike. "Palace Pier" is no exception, with its catchy riffs, powerful guitars, and a hybrid of rhythmic styles designed to keep listeners hooked.

Recording the single at Tanralt Studio in Kingston near Lewes, Tenderhooks collaborated with engineer Jake Rousham and producer Mike Wilton to bring "Palace Pier" to life. The track not only showcases the band's musical versatility but also offers a critical look at the beauty and transience of summer love.

"Palace Pier" calls us to reflect on the fleeting nature of relationships and the poignancy of saying goodbye but their sounds also come mixed with humour and originality—evidenced by their latest single "Where Are My Fans!".

In the words of the band, "10 albums in and we're still here. Elephants would be a better way to describe Tenderhooks. I love elephants!" This blend of perseverance, humor, and musical innovation makes Tenderhooks one hell of an experience.

Genre: Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Rock, Rock n Roll, Retro, Guitar Rock, Power Pop, Soft Rock

Mood: Nostalgic, Uplifting, Emotional, Engaging

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