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Terrificus’ ‘Decadent Sitcom’: A Sonic Masterpiece of Tactile Beauty and Stark Intensity

‘Decadent Sitcom’ is the latest single from dark synth indie band Terrificus. But their sound goes much deeper than you would first imagine. The core of the song is simple and rhythmic, it pulls you in with fancy rhythms and it delights you with its colourful ideas. When the bass drops in the ideas suddenly have a weight, they have a purpose, and they have a style. The drums throw the sound down even deeper, the vocals begin to circle the crater, their purpose sinister, their sound imposing. They jump — we can hear the wind shooting past them, the rush of a climb, a tension that raises your hair just before landing. When impact occurs the world goes numb, there is only sound, and in that sound, there is only bliss.

Terrificus is a band that takes the heavy ideas of today and throws them into a hadron collider. They come out more powerful than ever before and they fire on all cylinders. This is a song that will make you sweat, but it will also make you think. There is a tenderness beneath the bark of awesome sound that makes this song much more than it appears to be on the first listen. It’s delicate, a perfect balance of elements which coincide to create this sonic masterpiece. It's a tornado, a destructive force of natural beauty. Wonderfully tactile.


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