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Won't Be Around

Chicago, United States

Terry Blade brings a gravelly and warm vocal to the folk-pop scene. A sound that is delectable. It's round, it’s solid, and it throws his latest single, ‘Won’t Be Around,’ into the stratosphere. The instrumental is solemn, dark even, and it leaves you needing a guide, someone to lead you through the guitars and its minimal chords and out the other side. The vocal is that guide. It's battered by the percussion, swooned by the bass and confounded by the melody but it presses on, and it leads the song to beauty.

Reflecting on ‘Won’t Be Around’ was endearing, I felt connected to the sounds and passions that are on show here, although I have only just been introduced to them. This is a testament to the sound that Terry Blade is bringing to this mature pop space, it's new, it's intimate and it's honest.

The world of pop spins out of control every so often. We’re on a 15-year stint of the same old same old. Artists like Post Malone are hitting the big time and making waves, but the vast majority of artists are keeping steady. Terry Blade’s sound is another one of those pop rudders, aiming to turn the tide of 20s pop. If enough people latch onto this aching acoustic sound, it could be genre-defining.


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