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The Baby Goats Release 'Lovely' from Upcoming Album 'Electricity'

San Fernando Valley's The Baby Goats bring a fresh perspective on life in their latest single, 'Lovely,' from their debut album 'Electricity.'

The Baby Goats are creating waves with their new single "Lovely," the latest release from their debut album "Electricity." With a surge in popularity on Spotify, from 40 to nearly 4,000 listeners in just 40 days, the band is certainly on an upward trajectory. "Lovely" captures the essence of viewing life with a fresh, optimistic lens, challenging the deep-seated cynicism of our times. Setting the scene for a synth indie rock sound, "Electricity" starts with a catchy bass synth. It's wobbly, it invites you in. In comes the guitar riffs adding another layer of energy to the piece. The kick is rhythmic, it doesn't;t overpower, it takes you through the foot stomping head bobbing feel good instrumentation. The vocals are classic synth rock. You want to listen as you enjoy your journey through the song.

The band members, Chance, Greg, and Lance, blend their unique backgrounds to produce a sound reminiscent of iconic groups like Talking Heads and Blondie, infused with modern twists. "Lovely" reflects on the beauty that surrounds us, often overlooked amidst societal pessimism. This theme resonates throughout the band's upcoming album, which they describe as a return to the pure joy of music, untainted by the cynicism often found in the industry.

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Chance shares, "Imagine three new wave, punk rock, metal-spirited dudes who gave it all up for a Moog synth, a Juno X, a Fender Strat through an orange amp, and an old beat-up drum kit. We built a Trojan horse out of an old disco club, drove it to the show, parked it on stage...and we dare you to dance to us."

As we enjoy the sounds of 'Lovely' and anticipate the promise of the album"Electricity" we can anticipate a vibrant, energetic collection of tracks that encapsulate the band's dynamic sounds. As The Baby Goats prepare for their upcoming gigs, including headlining spots at notable Los Angeles clubs, their journey is just beginning. Join them as they redefine what it means to experience music in its most joyful form.

Genres: Alternative Rock, Pop, New Wave, Post-Punk, Synth Indie Rock, Dream Pop, Disco, Yacht Rock

Mood: Euphoric, Nostalgic, Uplifting, Reflective

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