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House Of Cards

Phoenix, United States

Credit - Barry Gosage

I am excited today to be able to share with you a music experience from Arizona band, The Bellwethers. Having been formed since 2010 this five-piece have been blessing the airwaves with their beautifully raw vocals, explosive guitar riffs, cymbal heavy drums and deep routed bass! This magnificent bad since forming have made some great strides in their careers having been recognised as great enough to open for the likes of REO Speedwagon and the Fran Cosmo band while making waves enough to be featured artists at the Arizona Cardinals Pre-Game Show at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, for the UK readers, you should know this is a big deal!

This epic trajectory continues with their latest release, ‘House of cards’ which really shows the talent of each band member as an individual and as a group. The track begins with a heavy drum, assuming top and snare along with a smooth and fast strum and 3-chord progressive guitar riff. This quickly escalates with the crash of the cymbals and the backing builds up to the vocals.

Upon introduction of these raspy, beautifully toned vocals the track latches on to an already intrigued listener. - JASMINE

As the track progresses the senses are overloaded with epic guitar solos and an extension of cymbals which adds an amazing heavy vibe to any room. What an amazing release!

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