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The Martijn Bakker Band's "Little Things" Radiates Positivity and Good Vibes

Credit - Nienke in Beeld

The Martijn Bakker Band has released a belter with, ‘Little things.’ It's a single that is powered with positivity and good vibes. Great melodies, brass textures, amazing harmonies and a soul sound pack it all into one neat little box. The song glows in the open, every instrument gets its time to sing along with the compelling main vocal. It’s smooth, powerful and full of character. When modern soul music falls short of character it feels sad, like the sun blocked by a cloud. No need to fret here, however — The Martijn Bakker Band have nailed that modern soul feeling.

When ‘Little things’ began playing I didn’t know how to place it genre-wise. I was too busy simply listening to a fantastic song. Yes, it has hooks in soul and bearings following modern pop. But the real thing you need to know is: ‘Little things’ is a fantastic song, no matter what kind of music you’re into. Stellar.



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