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The Survival Code Sets the Bar High with 'Haunted By Myself', Delivering Vigorous, Melodic Rock

The Survival Code are writing music that fuels the soul and burns with a vigorous passion for heavy rock. Their latest single in a string of 12 to be released in 2023 is, ‘Haunted By Myself,’ a punchy and rhythmic rock number which breaks the fold to bring us some melodic breaks and is supported by some amazing drum work. The opening feels so good. Heavy guitar smashes into the room with power chords hanging proud from its neck. The drums follow suit, splashing with all their might and throwing fills this way and that. Instantly the skill is apparent, now the melody hits you and it’s a head-banger. You fall this way and are buffeted back by vocals that could outperform the best of them. Loud, but not too much, melodic and tonal. There is a person behind the noise and you can hear them. It brings you closer to the sound and into the wonderful world of The Survival Code, where the rain isn’t the only heavy thing that falls from the clouds.

The rock is tremendous. It’s a high bar for an indie band to reach that big-league sound but ‘Haunted By Myself’ gets there with plenty of room to spare. If you’re into any kind of rock (or just like to roll) then this single will be right up your alley. Fantastic.


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