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Piece By Piece

Livingston, United Kingdom

Credit - Adny Bruns

Who's in the mood for something upbeat and funky? The new single from the Livingstone based group 'The Tropicanas' is just that. Their latest relese ' Piece By Piece' with blow listeners minds in giving us their ultimate uplifting and mischievous creation.

The track was recorded, mixed and mastered by the super skilful Ally Kelly (Music Base, Edinburgh)

Already making their way up the ranks, the superstars have recieieved attention and traction from BBC's Vic Galloway throughout their previous releases. "A dreamy, hazy off-kilter take on indie rock, It ushers you into their reverb laden woozy world" - BBC's Vic Galloway on 'Calypso Kool'

So, who are The Tropicanas? The group consists of Andrew Burns (Guitar/Vocals) Ruaridh MacPherson (Drums/Guitar/Vocals) Joe Murty (Bass/Vocals) Joe White (Guitar/Drums) and Ryan MacPherson (Synth).

What a super talented bunch this is! The way that they impliment so many elements of popular music within 'Piece By Piece' is phenominal from the guitar riffs to the funky strums, the variety of the drumming patterns and the super oldschool indie rock vocal performance. The bassline will get you hooked you for sure! - TAMARA JENNA

So , what are you waiting for? Click play below!


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