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Tia McGraff's 'Sometimes Love's Like That' Calls Out From the Heart

Tia McGraff is honing her sound and producing songs that bleed from the soul. Her latest single, ‘Sometimes Love’s Like That,’ is a beautiful harmonic ballad that calls out from the heart. The whole song moves as one around Tia McGraff’s powerful vocal. It switches, swells and changes to form a track you will fall in love with from the very first note.

‘Sometimes Love’s Like That’ pulls everything from indie folk together. There’s the warm acoustic, the piano to add some flare. The beat in the back is soft and round, just enough to keep the song moving, never too much that you notice any harsh tones. The vocal is the star, the vocal and its harmonies. They burst like blossoms in the spring. They fall with grace and wisp in the wind. The chorus holds the quality of the vocal close to its chest and sways with it. You move too, in soul, body and mind.

Tia McGraff’s ‘Sometimes Love’s Like That’ is a spiritual song that will play on forever.



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