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TIM BARR - Secrets



New York, United States

Tim Barr’s sound is the stuff of lucid dreams. It embarks on epic journeys around the psychic sea, collecting the foam that sprays into the air. His single, ‘Secrets’ is a blast from a synthetic psych rock future. It's loud, colourful and full of swooning melodies that aim to rock you to sleep rather than rock you to oblivion. When the chorus hits it’s like a rogue wave slams the side of the HMS Good Vibes and you’re sent hurtling overboard into the orange sea. It's warm, cold, thick and thin. It's a sound that draws you under the brink, but you can still breathe down there, the air is just different…

‘Secrets’ is a smash hit waiting to happen, a true music lovers track. Think Tame Impala with some AM vibes, chilling out at the beach watching satellites. The soundtrack for that moment is summarised in the great work Tim Barr is presenting to us. Eclectic, harmonic and masterful sounds are painted neon and given new shapes.


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