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Unlock the Soundtrack of Spring 2024 with TJPL NEWS Magazine Issue 15: Exclusive Interviews, Revolutionary Tech, and Playlists That Will Transform Your Music Experience

Dive into the heart of music with TJPL NEWS Magazine Issue 15, March 2024, a treasure trove for music aficionados and industry insiders alike. This issue boasts an eclectic array of interviews featuring the visionary talents of GIARDINI OORT, UKULELE MJ, ARO, MADDIE HANNA, BLINDNESS & LIGHT, ISABELLE METTLE, OLIVIA HELLMAN, Walter Kocays, and LUKE TANGERINE, alongside an in-depth, 4-page interview with Matt the Vessel. Delve into the sonic journey of a producer who's redefining musical boundaries, offering readers a unique glimpse into the creative evolution and philosophies that shape today’s soundscape.

Issue 15 also unveils the ultimate collaboration room artist directory and lights up the tech scene with revolutionary gear like the Chapman Stix & Stars Pegasus Electric Guitar in Paradise Purple Metallic and the game-changing Opus for guitarists on the go.

But that's not all – prepare your playlists for a revolution with our FRESH PLAYLIST PICKS, featuring explosive tracks along with reviews of LAW ABIDIN CITIZ3N's 'SCUM' and Jay Spicer's introspective 'Maybe It's You', among others. Navigate through our carefully curated sections spanning Hip-Hop, Rap & R&B to Acoustic, Indie Rock, and Guitar Riffs, with exclusive backstage passes and social snapshots of artists like MADDIE HANNA, BLINDNESS & LIGHT, and OLIVIA HELLMAN, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the stars lighting up our playlists, in our exclusive interviews.

From Luke Tangerine's synth-wave spectacle, and the ground-shaking 'The Score' by V of 40M, TJPL NEWS Magazine is your gateway to the latest and greatest in the music scene.

Whether you’re a fan, a musician, or an industry professional, this issue is packed with insights, inspirations, and the infectious energy of the independent music world. Grab your copy now and immerse yourself in the rhythms that shape our lives.


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