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TOP 10 ACOUSTIC - 06/05/2022



Jamie Ferguson - Moving on

Manchester, United Kingdom

This song isn't scheduled for release until 10/05/2022 but we loved it so much, we got in early to keep you updated! All parts are written and performed by Jamie Ferguson. The project was started in his bedroom with basic recording gear and instruments. His main influences are Brit-pop, Psychedelia, and 70's songwriting. The song was written during his first year of Uni when he was really struggling to find himself. Key to this song is the summing up of displacement. Great track, check it out below!



CAVE - Forms

Barcelona, Spain

Credit -

"Forms" is a small cathartic musical journey recorded in the artists' Barcelona based bedroom. The project was then mastered in Italy at Raptorrecording studio. The two pieces have been composed and performed by CAVE himself where he plays many instruments (Viola da gamba, acoustic guitar and digital piano). The song "Forms" describes an unbereable feeling as the refrain goes at 1,24: "At least I haven't killed anybody". and the song "Veil" speaks about the beauty of pain that permeate life. Definitely check out the acoustics in these tracks



Tally Koren - Both Sides Now

London, United Kingdom

Credit - Boyd Skinner

International singing sensation, Tally Koren returns with a heartbreaking and beautiful rendition of the Joni Mitchell penned, "Both Sides Now." A wistful and melancholy soliloquy, the song was originally released in 1967 by Judy Collins. Since then the heart-wrenching ballad has become a modern Pop classic. Tally Koren delivers a powerful and deeply personal performance. Accompanied by a solo piano, she sings of losing her faith in the illusions of love. As the track progresses, orchestral strings and subtle backing vocals join the ensemble and add a touch of theatre to Tally Koren’s visceral performance. We feel every ounce of her pain.



Juna N Joey - 'Til Your Heart Breaks (Acoustic)

West Palm Beach, FL, United States

At Number 4 this week we have singer-songwriter, brother-and-sister duo Juna N Joey release an acoustic version of their heartfelt ballad titled "'Til Your Heart Breaks." This is a really well mixed track and you can clearly hear the brother and sister bond between these two. It's a great thing to see. We're looking forward to hearing what else Juna N Joey bring into 2022! Click the link below to hear 'Til Your Heart Breaks (Acoustic)' Well done!



Luna Keller - Prophecies and Silver Linings

Credit - Grace Bontoft

After working on it for over 2 years and sharing many singles with the world, Luna Keller finally puts her stories into context on her debut album “Prophecies and Silver Linings”. A collection of songs written by the artist between her 14th and 20th birthday that revolves around growing up and self-discovery. “These songs feel like brushstrokes that helped me paint the image of myself through the years, these are experiences that, in many ways, define who I am today” Lunar Keller needs to send her stuff to a sync licensing company for definite! Beautiful work, a skillful storyteller, Luna Keller.



Maëla Raoult - Avalon

Paris, France

Credit - Maëla Raoult

Born in Brest in 1990, Maëla first obtained her Musical School Diploma at the Music Academy of Brest in 2007 and then worked alongside Olivier Derbesse at the Jacques Ibert Conservatory (CMA19) in Paris. She graduated with distinction from the Royal Conservatory of Brussels in 2014 (class of Ronald van Spaendonck). In parallel, she studied the bass clarinet at the CRR of Paris and also made several Master classes with French clarinetists such as Romain Guyot, Jacques Di Donato and Bruno Martinez. Passionate about chamber music, she plays in various formations at many events and festivals such as the following: Origami Festival (Beursschouwburg, Brussels), Courant d’air Festival (Brussels), Préludes à l’orchestre de Paris (salle Pleyel), Festival Les Harmonies (Billiers). After having done my research into this musician I was in awe of her achievements to date and the nature of her compositions. I had to find out more! Check out our review of her latest EP titled 'Avalon' over in Featured Artists.



Adolfo Garcia - Reminisce

San Antonio, United States

Credit - adolfo garcia music

Adolfo Garcia sent us his latest project to review. Having started to record his music in 2020 and producing all the tracks himself I was really impressed by the quality and intricacy of his recordings. This project named 'Reminisce' is a four-track EP with a lot of chill to its name. Taking influence from a list of artists including Sting, Seji Igusa, Bibio, Tycho, Alan Gogell, Ethan Hibbs this project sparked an interest in me straight away and I was looking forward to hearing some of those influences making their way into Adolfo Garcia's work. Check out the full review over in the Featured Artist section.



Scott Lloyd, Waterlands

Manchester, United Kingdom

Hailing from the north of England, Scott Lloyd has been navigating a new path on his quest for happiness. He's swapped the urban noise of Manchester for the sweet serenity of Derbyshire's countryside and is rediscovering his creativity with a soundscape and lyrics inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds him. New record Waterlands feels introspective yet relatable as it journeys unapologetically through genres from folk to 70s inspired rock and sees Scott explore themes of growing up, mental health and loss against a rural backdrop, like the romantic poets before him.



FRANK CERVANTES - Not Far Down The Road

South Jersey, United States

Frank Cervantes is a songwriter and recording artist from South Jersey, currently residing in Newtown, Pa. He is a founding member of the synthwave group Retroglyphs, and was priorly a member of The Once Was and The City Music Project. Frank Cervantes has performed over 500 shows and is a consistent presence in the Philly area music scene. His music is often featured on WXPN in PhiladelphiaEnding this EP with 'Backwards Town' we hear a stripped-back acoustic guitar with an acoustic piano along with Frank's vocals. A lovely acoustic ending to such a high-energy compilation. The drum playing brings more rhythm to the acoustics of the piece. This project is a real mix of indie-rock and acoustic that keeps to the signature sound that this artist has crafted for himself. Lovely EP. Make sure that you click the link below to hear it and scroll down to see our interview with the man behind the project!



Ben Pratt - Reflections

Stoke-On-Trent, United Kingdom

The 5 track EP “Reflections” by Singer/Songwriter Ben Pratt is a testament to his songwriting prowess. Each song has their own story but comes together to form a much broader depiction of what love can look like. Ben is in his final year studying a song-writing degree at BIMM Birmingham. A passionate trombonist and singer-songwriter, Ben Pratt has performed as a soloist across the Midlands, as well as nationally alongside the RAF. Ben's influences lay within the pop and gospel genres but takes inspiration from across the industry from film and orchestral music to funk and jazz. Opening with raw and haunting vocals the opening track gives us an acoustic and moving piano piece before we hear the harmonies that this artist has to give. Full of questions about a previous love, we become captured by the lyrics of this song. A true heartbreak acoustic track that really got me in my feelings in all of my own reflections. I instantly felt that this artist meant every word that he had to give.



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