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Top 10 Acoustic 22/04/2022



Steve Yanek - I Could Use A Little Rain

Baltimore, United States

Steve Yanek is back with a new release and we loved the acoustic vibes that the track oozes. From the opening guitar lick of “I Could Use A Little Rain” you can hear the influence of artists such as the Eagles and Jackson Browne in an updated sound which is unique to this artist. This is a piece that is full of the rawness of heartfelt passion and vulnerability. A confession of a battered heart is showcased in the body of its lyrics. The execution of this track pulls you into the story. This artist is an undeniable story teller who articulated his messages clearly. Check out this except from the lyrics - "It used to be easier back when / My heart was stronger than the shape it's been in / Now it's like a well worn shield / Heavy armor in this battlefield". If you're someone who needs meaningful lyrical content as much as or more than you need the beat of a song then this track is a must!



XENA GLAS - And And And

Brooklyn, NY, United States

Xena Glas is back with 'and and and'. This track is about the experience of holding in your emotions throughout the day, and then subconsciously unraveling them in your dreams. The 'dream' section of the piece is a sort of multilayered surrealist experience. The concept of masking is expressed through the lyrics which refer to camouflaging who you are in public to appear normal. Expressing the rationale behind the use of the masking concept the artist commented "Autistic people experience this all the time, mimicking neurotypical behaviors around others, and not being able to unmask until they get home. Most people do this too when they’re distressed and experiencing difficult emotions, acting “okay” until they break apart at home." The track portrays insomnia that becomes a result of suppressing who you are and your emotions.

The title “and and and” just conveys the nature of those dreams and the multiple ideas and thoughts that manifest in layers. This is a really thoughtful track and we really enjoyed hearing the message behind its words. Click the link below to hear it.



The Saylor - With You

Columbus, United States

'The Saylor' has sailed his way into Number 3 this week with his new release titled 'With You'. We loved the vibes and the energy of this artist so it was a no-brainer to include him in our Acoustic finds this week. This record departs ship from the dance pop sound originally found in his work where he took is back to basics with the swaying waves found in this bop. Using a suitcase for a kickdrum, a trumpet in the breakdown, and chorus harmonies that give you the feels, we were definitely taken away from the shore and into the waves of pure bliss. 'With You' was recorded and Nashville by Kevin Wharff - Ukulele, Guitar Vocalist Scott Griffin - Bass, Drums, Producer. Click the link below deck to hear it!



David McKinney - Phaneron

Edmond, United States

Phaneron is the second solo album from Oklahoma singer-songwriter David James McKinney. Pulling from influences of 90s pop-rock, acoustic folk music, and post-evangelical dissonance David has constructed a resonant collection of transparent reflections on life in the post-modern era. His regional performances are a sight to see with homemade drums, beatbox looping, and emotive vocal performance. Stream using the link below.



JOE HOLT - The Seasons

NYC, United States

We've already introduced Joe Holt earlier this month with his release titled 'Who cares' but now he's back with his third single from his upcoming album 'Tired of Trying.'. 'The Seasons' is about seeing yourself age in the little corner of the screen on Zoom; it's about the desire to escape to a riverside; it's about trying to persevere and strive to be a better person. The release date is today - Friday 4/22 - Earth Day, how fitting! Click the link below to hear it for yourselves and get it added to your acoustic playlists!



Melanie Eden - End of Known

Sydney, Australia

Credit - Wadih Nader

‘End of Known ’is the second single from third album ‘A Sinkless Shore’ by Melanie Eden. It reflects on COVID-19 as a healing process of social-ecological trauma, bringing the human species to a point of “renegotiation”. The song asks what is necessary in our response? What greater understandings are essential parts to our recovery? Is there a bed of values that bring us together during these uncertain times? And what part do you, I, the individual play in transition and collective renewal? There are many people who were involved in the making of this piece - Songwriter: Melanie Eden, Cover Artist: Brett Groves, Mixed by Peter Farrar, Recording Engineer Peter Farrar, Musicians: Melanie Eden - vocals , piano accordion, Melanie Herbert - violin, Laura Altman - clarinet, Josh Shipton - guitar, James Carson - piano, Dong-Hee Lee - double bass, Recorded at Brand X Tempe Jets Music and Art Space.




Lindstrom, United States

Kiernan Tollefson is an independent acoustic guitarist from Minnesota who has been writing original guitar tunes for 6 years. He gathers inspiration from classic rockers of the 1960s and 70s along with acoustic guitarists. His mission is to inspire and move people with everything he produces musically which he finds a particular challenge because his songs are instrumentals and do not have lyrics.'Pied Pipers' is his most advantageous piece yet and features acoustic guitar tapping accompanied by a cello. Check it out below.



Daniel O'Rhys - Blauen, Morning

Leipzig, Germany

Daniel O’Rhys lives and works in Germany but is in a permanently traveling state of mind. He writes piano music that seems to be written for nature. His pieces are miniatures of a calm world, fragile and beautiful. Daniel O'Rhys thinks of his music in suites. Each of these suites is about a special place."The music creates a true connection. With the surroundings, the people, the stories and the journey itself. It would not have been created without these influences. They are special moments at special points on this planet captured in music. They are not purely musical descriptions of landscapes - the individual pieces are more like drawings in a very personal diary."



Chintzy Stetson - Tight Bend

London, United Kingdom

Credit - Lauren Luxenberg

Rising pop artist Chintzy Stetson has returned with his latest musing track ‘Tight Bend’, a lo-fi style single that will prompt listeners to soak up its meaning and reflect. Delivering piercing vocals that glide on top of dreamy melodies, Chintzy Stetson creates a blissful and melancholic soundscape that you can instantly get lost in. Striking the perfect balance between delicate and powerful, Chintzy Stetson’s emotive lyricism and soulful vocals take center stage in ‘Tight Bend’, as the artist shows he is unafraid to get candid. Also releasing a thought-provoking music video, Chintzy Stetson sings in front of a projector that illustrates his lyrical intent, forging a vibrant audiovisual world that allows you to connect every word he croons. Click the link below to hear it!



Javi That's Me - Body Dysmorphia

Quezon City, Philippines

Credit - Sean Edric N. Santos

Javi That's Me are back with another track titled 'Body Dysmorphia'. The band consists of Javi Agbayani - Guitar and lead singer Edric Santos - Drummer Angelo Del Los Santos - Lead Guitar Emilio Mendoza - Bassist Mico Guevarra - Pianist who were classmates in the 7th grade and we. The band take the following influence from

artists such as Phoneboy, Rex Orange County, and Boy Pablo. It was recorded in the bedroom of their lead singer, Javi Agbayani, and it was completely written and produced by him through his perspectives and experiences. Click the link below to hear it and get it added to your playlists!



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