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TOP 10 Acoustic, Indie Rock & Guitar Riffs – WHO'S YA FAVOURITE? CHART - 01/07/2022

Updated: Jul 8, 2022



Nick Antonelli – Time In The Sun

Nashville, United States

Nick Antonelli has created an ever so jolly new single with ‘Time In The Sun’, with an upbeat country acoustic vibe it creates a bouncy kick that compliments his beautiful harmonies making the song wholesome and carefree with traditional country beats and super imprinting lyrics. Starting the song beautifully with country-infused lines “Moonlight crept in Shining light on my sins”, you are guaranteed to be singing all day along with these lyrics “Memories they kept, From my time in the sun. Well I’ve battered my mind with Tequila and Lime” whilst slapping your knee and stomping your feet.



Wotts, The Desert Island Big Band – 6 Shooter

Ottawa, Canada

Wotts are an Indie Pop creative duo from Ottawa, Canada, who have just released one hell of a groovy new bop, this also features The Desert Island Big Band on ‘6 Shooter’. It has undeniably catchy guitar licks and the use of retro synths bringing back an 80’s electric vibe to the tune and we’d better not forget that energetic bassline hook. A vibrant tune completed with dreamy harmonies and unforgettable lyrics that will be on a loop in your head after listening. This happy upbeat bop is definitely going to be on repeat as your addictive song this summer!



N4November – Mistakes and Heartbreak

Sydney, Australia

This solo artist is one unbelievably talented musician! Alex is the lead vocalist of N4November, as well as the phenomenal songwriter and the great guitarist that you hear too. This Filipino – Chinese-born Australian has a musical talent that is utterly breathtaking and lyrically creative with lines that are so incredibly heartfelt and deeply soul searching, that you can’t help but sing along to them. The double-tracked vocals start the song with a rich tone creating a fuller sound that captures the listeners' ears upon introduction, emphasising his vocal depth before easing into a soft angelic tone throughout the song.



Chapell – Beyond the Blue Sky

New York, United States

This New York-based singer/songwriter, Alan Chapell, creates real and emotional stories throughout his tracks using his empowering lyrics paired with an extremely energetic and easy-going voice. This particular song ‘Beyond the Blue Sky’ has a rocky edge slowing down for the chorus where his vocals carry a soft tone creating a catchy hook with a floating sway as you sing “Beyond the blue sky, I will fly”. One thing this song makes me wonder about is the story behind the lyrics, I feel it’s open to your own interpretation to help you run away with the music.



Holy Heat – MUD

Wilmington NC, United States

Holy Heat are a rock and soul trio who has performed all over America and the talented trio is also making their sound known globally. Holy Heat first started out as two cousins bringing their talents and inspirations from the ’70s and ’80s together; originally with Carlos Rising on vocals and guitar with Christian Black on drums. Until the duo grew into a treasured trio with Jonathan Damico bringing the bass and adding that extra rhythm. With using an old style of rock blues and adding a new soulful pop sound makes this new track ‘MUD’ very popular in today’s music.



Cooper Castelle - You Were The One

Seattle, United States

Cooper Castelle is a multi-instrumental virtuoso; who plays drums, keyboard, and guitar as well as using high upbeat vocals. His music ranges across different genres such as Indie Rock / Indie Pop and Alternative sounds. Paired alongside this are his melodic harmonies that fit perfectly with each mood you’re feeling; whether that be upbeat Pop / Rock which you can not resist shaking your hips and dancing along to or when you fancy slowing it down a little, Castelle creates beautifully smooth acoustics that is easy listening which you can put your feet up and chill out too.



Rearview, Tom Jolu – Smoke

Binghamton, NY, United States

Dan Clarke as the creator of Rearview is achieving massively as a solo artist. However, Rearview is quite known for his collaborations with other artists, pulled from all different genres of the industry but to put Rearview in a specific genre is near impossible, with Clarke sharing “Rearview has no set genre, pushing to shatter boundaries and stigmas that surround manufactured music – allowing art to return to its roots: pure expression”. That being said this short and sweet song ‘Smoke’ does scream Indie, this being influenced by Tom Jolu who brings in the folk sensibilities with a Punk Indie attitude.



Smoke Spider - Desolation

Göteborg, Sweden

Smoke Spider based in Gothenburg, Sweden are an expressive duo and a rather recent project, twenty-five years had passed since they had last worked together in the mid-’90s in the band Cloud Catchers. So their sound may seem familiar yet new and reformed with a fresh flow of creativity and depth. ‘Desolation’ has an electric 80’s rock sound-absorbing you as it builds in layers, as the beat gets going you can clearly hear the egg shaker that rattles in the background making you want to shake. Those Led Zepplin and Deep Purple fans, this is for you!



Quarter Black – Why Must I Be Alone

Brentwood, TN, United States

Quarter Black are a Nashville-based Rock band that gifts us with their exciting and melodic ballads. With their new track spreading across many different genres, this makes it stand out and sound completely different yet still intriguing with a smooth wave for new listeners. This talent is inspired by Garage anthems as well as Bossanova jams, which I do believe are very rarely heard these days, so cleverly mixed these particular two genres together makes an interesting creation. The aforementioned matched with his super sweet yet powerful vocals make for a wonderful ballad that you can’t help putting on repeat.



The ROLF – Looks like Shimmering

Stockholm, Sweden

The ROLF originates from Stockholm, Sweden, and their unique sound is traveling fast around the world, gaining many new fans. These storytellers take over your mind as you get lost in the sway, absorbing the music that is being created and the lyrics that are being narrated with powerful and clear vocals. The track then progresses infusing an old-school doom sound with 80’s influenced guitar riffs that we all love so much! ‘Looks like Shimmering’ is the first track released from their brand new upcoming album that is scheduled to be released later this year, making this super exciting.








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