TOP 10 Guitar Riffs - 13/05/2022



Natalie Rogers

Full Body

Pittsburgh, United States

Credit - Gary Dotterweich

Natalie Rogers is a singer, entertainer, and musician from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He latest track entitled 'Full Body' is her first release since 2015! Over the past few years, she has worked at a piano bar in Pittsburgh and garnered skills to create her own music. 'Full Body' is Natalie Roger's first attempt at writing, recording, producing, and editing a song completely on her own. This track is an absolute vibe from start to finish! Full of funky bass and lead guitar riffs with an infectious vocal performance. I'm so glad that this track was brought to my attention! Pop meets funk and RnB in a way that would get anyone into the groove. I'm really looking forward to watching this artist grow and hearing what she has coming next. PLEASE DON'T LEAVE IT ANOTHER 7 YEARS! This artist is an absolute star! Definitely one to watch! Don't miss out. Number 1 in both our Top 10 Pop and Top 10 Guitar Riffs this week!



The GroovaLottos

M.I.L.E. (Make It Look Easy)

Bourne, United States

Credit - David J Correia

The Groova Lottos absolutely blew me away with their track 'M.I.L.E. They've come through with funky guitar riffs from all angles and make it seems so easy too! This one got me all consumed in the track, it lifted my energy through the roof. This track is from their forthcoming album, 'MAMA's HAMPER'. I can't wait to hear what else this group have to give! MORE PLEASE! Need a fifth member? ;) Click below to hear it for yourselves, you won't be disappointed other than when it ends! Great track with great energy. Number 2 in this week's Top 10 Guitar Riffs hands down.



The DePatie Melt

Paladins' Song

Los Angeles, United States

The DePatie Melt are a familiar face over here at TJPL NEWS. Consisting of John DePatie, Bass player and mixer Aaron Bagley and Drummer Todd Wolf we've had the pleasure of interviewing John and reviewing their last release 'The Princess and The Troll King'. Their latest release entitled 'Paladin's Song' is an absolute hit with us over at TJPL News. Heavy metal has always been something I've loved since my early teens. It was refreshing to hear those signature heavy metal guitar riffs in this piece. This track is uniquely beautiful through its combination of heavy electric guitar and the swooping intricacy of the acoustic guitar. This whole instrumental is packed with the most skilful guitar riffs that do not leave the track for even a second. Stick it on your playlists and definitely get this one on repeat to unlock your inner Rockstar! Let's get it!



Grant Nesmith


Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States

Credit - Design Cypher

Back with a blissful track 'Grant Nessmith' presented us with their latest work entitled. 'Days'. This one is a spring time single, recorded in sunny Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It’s lyrical content is about seasons changing as we go on day-to-day in our lives. This song features Blake Monroe of Endless Nation on Lead Guitar who absolutely kills his part in the track! This whole track is the ultimate track for you indie rock lovers! Talks of time, seasons and the stars this is definitely the work of dreamers. Make sure you check it out by clicking the link below.



Ives Electric


London, United Kingdom

Credit - 2022 VFM

Ives Electric a Multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer living in London, UK has sent us his latest release entitled 'Poetry' to have a listen to this week. This track brings a similar energy that is found in electronic bands such as the likes of 'Muse' through its eerie guitar riffs and electronic darkness. I fell in love with this track instantly. There are several complimenting guitar riffs in this piece that offer a variety of mixing presets. This takes the track to a whole other space! The track was mastered at Abbey Road by John Davis. Click the link below to have a listen.



Mortem Obscuram

The Unsung Monarch

Rockledge, United States

Mortem Obscuram sent their latest release over to us earlier this week. The band consists of five members! So who are they then? Gryffyn Jernigan (lyrics and vocals), Dan Saillant (Bass), Bryce Butler (Percussion) Trevor Redmon (Rhythm and Lead Guitar) Dale Urban (also on rhythm and lead guitar) Dale Urban is to be praised in this article for his guitar solo work! Absolutely smashed it in this one so we decided that the band deserved a place in our Top 10 Guitar Riffs this week! If you're a fan of heavy metal/screamo then click the link below to be blown away!



The Best Around

Didn't Come Here to Count 'Em

Austin, United States