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TOP 10 - Hip Hop/Rap/R&B 05/08/2022

Number 1

Ezze, Way2Humble - Bang Bang - Way2Humble Remix


Leading us into this week’s list we have one of the hardest rappers on the European underground scene; Ezze and his remixed version of ‘Bang Bang’ alongside Way2Humble.

The pair speak about not wanting to be labelled among the common litter of ‘rappers’, but rather seeking recognition for their craft, demanding they be rebranded as ‘artists’. Their energy levels correlate nicely, forming an ideal partnership and one that could potentially cook up a project’s worth of bangers.

I spoke about the potential of Ezze before and I want to stress that again, this man only drops anthems!

Number 2

Balaciaga - Twisted

Central, USA

Following in at number 2 on this week’s list, we have Balaciaga and her brand new single, ‘Twisted’.

The singer couldn’t have showcased her arsenal better on this track. The beat has that modern feel about it, and she harmonises accordingly at all the right moments. Her lyricism is cutting and intriguing, “I won’t take it personal, but don’t make me hurt you, no” being an example.

A worthy number 2 on this week’s write-up and an emerging talent to keep a sharp eye on!

Number 3

The Groovalottos - Dem Big Girlz

Bourne, USA

I love the Groovalottos. They constantly barge their way into all my playlists and have made their way into this list again, this time with their track, ‘Dem Big Girlz’.

A featured track from their album, ‘Mama’s Hamper: Pure Phunk’, this track has that old jazz factor, combined with a modern day production feel, all topped off with that trademark ‘Groovalottos edge’. I couldn’t recommend this project highly enough.

Number 4

Alex Slay, Clover Jamez - Marathon

Los Angeles, USA

An authentic beach-vibe takes place at number 4 this week with LA collaboration, Alex Slay and Clover Jamez and their single, ‘Marathon’.

The pair link up well on this track, naturally bouncing off each other’s rhythm and moulding their verses around two excellently placed hooks. The vocal talent speaks for itself. It can’t be taught, but it can be wasted. Not here, it is perfectly utilised and not over-drained.

Here’s to two bright prospects with big things on the horizon.

Number 5

Millie Blooms - DNA

Monmouth, UK

Welsh artist, Millie Blooms never fails to deliver, and deliver she has again with her latest release, ‘DNA’.

It’s fair to say that Blooms has found her niche sound, and that is being appreciate here, with this track on course to soon his 5000 streams on Spotify. I love the background effects, and her awareness of the peak moments within the track.

It’s refreshing when an artist backs their own work and makes that abundantly clear, it shows vigour in the body of work and a determination to maximise the work, and subsequently, the artist’s potential. A great song all round by Millie Blooms.

Number 6

Cowboy Malfoy - Want It Bad

Brooklyn, USA

Brooklyn artist, Cowboy Malfoy opened our souls to a new sound of his with his new track, ‘Want It Bad’.

Malfoy showcases a broad versatility in vocal range across the duration of this track, regularly altering between pitches. The dance-theme of the song makes it so catchy, and Malfoy’s soft approach to the greater part of the song allows the emphasis to be on the entirety of the track, rather than heavily focused on the vocals. This is a really underrated piece of work and one I see faring quite well with the listeners.

Number 7

Adri-Anne Ralph - Follow You Anywhere

Anaheim, USA

In at number 7 this week we have Adri-Anne Ralph with her latest single, ‘Follow You Anywhere’.

Ralph is an incredibly talented singer, evidently. She focuses on the concept of following what you want no matter what. I like the fact that she recognises the quality embedded within the instrumental here. She cuts the vocals around halfway through the track, and just lets the rest of the beat play out to conclusion, not wasting any of this dynamic sound.

An impressive piece of work overall by the upcoming Anaheim artist.

Number 8

Manuel Garay, REVEAL - Bad Influence

Munich, Germany

German rapper, Manuel Garay comes in at number 8, collaborating with REVEAL to give us their track, ‘Bad Influence’.

If you are a fan of the new wave of hip hop, what’s not to like about this track? The 808 pattern is ridiculously catchy and their is a minimal, yet hard-hitting synth in the background. The two artists play off each other’s rhythms perfectly and carry the same form of delivery. A really promising product by the emerging duo.

Number 9

Wrash Heed - Cry

Lagos, Nigeria

Wrash Heed comes in at number 9 with his brand new single, ‘Cry’.

The penultimate addition to this list features an authentic, cultural vibe with plenty of aspects to lust over. The production on this track is something to behold. Heed manages his vocal levels very professionally and allows the beat to express itself. He blends the style of his roots with all the positive aspects of modern day music influence.

If Wrash Heed’s ‘Cry’ is your favourite on this week’s list, don’t forget to vote for it in the poll below!

Number 10

Tilda Allie - Rocket Me High

London, UK

To conclude this week’s list, we have the UK’s Tilda Allie with her SoundCloud exclusive track, ‘Rocket Me High’.

The introduction of this track sees an orchestral theme greeted by some beautifully harmonised vocals. It is a fantasy blend of styles, and the production brings out the best in Allie’s emphatic performance. She allows for lapses to add anticipation to when she takes the beat by storm time and again.

An excellent piece of work to be proud of from the emerging singer!

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