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TOP 10 - Hip Hop, Rap & R&B 10/06/2022


Natali Noor - Policeman


Swedish/Irani artist, Natali Noor blessed our ears this past week with her brand new single, 'Policeman', which is going to commence this week's top 10. The vibrant singer has been on the music scene for a while, and her hard work has not gone unnoticed, achieving millions of streams on all major platforms to date.

'Policeman' gives off heavy Camila Cabello energy in my opinion, Noor sounds so authentic on this track. I find it bizarre how she is not already a household name, but I'm confident it's not going to be long until she is. Her established resume, along with constant hits such as these will surely continue to steer her in the direction she's headed.


P.Jack - Amazing

St Louis, USA

Some refreshing vibes coming out of St Louis this week with P.Jack and his new song, 'Amazing'. There's just something nostalgic about this one, it reminds me of a cross between Gunna and Don Toliver, but I believe it takes a certain style of tone to appropriately coincide with a wavy instrumental such as the one on display here.

If I was to allocate a metaphorical sub-genre for this track, I'd put it in that 'music to play with the car window down on a motorway' category. An impressive one for sure, I look forward to seeing what's next.


Jeyaia - No Love

Sydney, Australia

Sydney-based singer, Jeyaia released her latest masterpiece, 'No Love' this past week and raised the bar for artists coming out of that sector of the world. I love the main body of work here, the vocal performance. It's so clean and authentic, and that's not to mention the incredible choice of backing vocals to enhance the production quality further.

Sometimes it is difficult to stand out from the pack with this style, due to the volume of talent we hear in the new era, but Jeyaia takes a unique approach to delivering her melodic tendencies. Give her a listen below!


Ramond - Smart Guy

Aurora, USA

Coming out of Aurora, Ramond has ditched the typical 'cloud rap' style led by many and pursued an old-school approach with his new release, 'Smart Guy', alongside J Loryn. I'm not only referring to the 'boom-bap' rhythm of the instrumental, but there is an evident discussion of deep issues embedded in his bars, particularly the challenge of opposing stereotypes.

Ramond's voice is so versatile, it's clear from his catalogue of tunes that there is no style he chooses to limit himself to, but I believe he's at his best when he lets that pen bleed onto the page, the beat selection was on point here too. Check him out below!


Dolce Diablo - Missin

South Africa

An emerging talent not only on the South African scene, but the underground scene as a whole, Dolce Diablo is back with his new single, 'Missin'. I featured him on this countdown a couple of weeks ago, and I've included him again because he simply doesn't take his foot off the gas, he's dropping banger after banger, and the quality isn't lacking.

His vocal range is impressive by itself, but what makes the artist's potential so distinct is his adaptability to any given style, as we've seen with his beat selections over time. In my opinion, he embodies everything an up & coming 'alt' artist should have. Definitely keep your eyes peeled for Dolce.


Trent Vine - Who You Know

Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide artist, Trent Vine comes in at number 6 this week with 'Who You Know'. He mixes up his styles well here, maintaining a solid rap flow with a slight pop-punk twist. I would refer to Florida musician, blackbear, in regard to the style on show here, as he typically uses an easy on the ear cross-blend between these styles as well.

Collaborating with M4SONIC, this song is on course to perform well on major platform services already, boasting over 25,000 Spotify streams. This is a particularly catchy sleection from this list, which serves as a personal standout for me. Great work.


Moneytime Blanco - Toxic

New York City, USA

Bronx rapper, Moneytime Blanco dropped his new single, 'Toxic' this week, showcasing a unique flow. He opted against a monotonous flow and rather chose to chop it up regularly throughout. I would go out on a limb and say this isn't an easy instrumental to carry, but Blanco did so in stellar fashion, even moulding a catchy hook in the process.

It comes across as authentic, a good rap song should never sound forced, but Blanco seems to be just talking on this track, he leaves a good, natural impression of himself. A really clean piece of work.


Geminy - Too Close

Columbia, USA

Based out of Columbia, USA, Geminy contributes even more variety to this list with his club-bopper, 'Too Close'. There is clear Pop energy with this track, not only from the charts-style instrumental, but with the inclusion of the backing vocals, which compliment the performance majestically.

The hook here is one that will loop in your head after hearing it, a key feature of any successful song of this style. I'm looking forward to seeing what's in store next for this emerging talent.


1day - lil cute vibe

Kansas, USA

Taking inspiration from the likes of Frank Ocean, Kansas artist, 1day showcases his vocal range on his track, 'lil cute vibe'. Although two-time Grammy award winning Ocean serves as a direct inspiration to 1day's work, there is absolutely no question about the authenticity of his work, constantly varying different musical elements throughout the track.

The instrumental is a mellow one which works in his favour, if you (likely) are a fan of Ocean's body of work, I strongly suggest you check out 1day, who looks to bring this sub-genre to the fore.


air-is-ay - Death Note

Irving, Texas, USA

Signing off the top 10 for this week will be Irving rapper, air-is-ay and his new track, 'Death Note'. Evident by the title, this release carries along with it some aggression, you'll listen to this when you're feeling yourself at the gym, or even just cruising down the street. You can tell the rapper is in his element with this one, progressively altering his tone to strengthen the consistently hard-hitting flow.

This is a style of music I'm hugely into personally, so there was no doubt I had to include it in this countdown. Check out air-is-ay and his full discography to date below.


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