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WHO'S YA FAVORITE?! CHART - Hip Hop/Rap/R&B 12/08/2022

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Number 1

Destroy Lonely - OTW

New wave rapper, Destroy Lonely dropped his brand new project, ‘NO STYLIST’, and the penultimate track, ‘OTW’ kicks us off at number 1 on this week’s list.

Lonely Carrie’s some Playboi Carti energy with him. He alters between tones and uses his lyrics to embrace the fact that people only want him now for his clout. He remains conscious of his flow throughout, constantly level changing to keep his audience guessing. A clean piece of work all round to get this week off to a bang.

Number 2

Tom Orlando - On Repeat

Ottawa, Canada

In at number 2 this week we have Canadian artist, Tom Orlando and his latest release, ‘On Repeat’.

Fittingly enough, this song has been “on repeat” in my personal playlist. It has that quirky bop factor, and it’s contagious enough to make it a particularly popular addition to Orlando’s already-stacked catalogue. The guitar is really soothing, and combined with the bounce it makes for a truly authentic, rhythmic listen.

Make sure to vote for Tom Orlando in the poll below if you feel he had the best track of the week!

Number 3

Cecil Ex - Butterfly Brains

Pittsburgh, USA

Next up, we have Pittsburgh rapper, Cecil Ex with a lyrically-conscious anthem.

The beat on this is so nostalgiac, but the flow is something I did not expect. It is hard-hitting and full of truths. There is a constant ambush of emotion on display. Going bar for bar on a calmer instrumental like this is far from easy.

The blend evident in this track is something this era of hiphop does not get to see enough of, I feel. So I would love to see Ex continue down the same path he’s currently on. A truly versatile artist to look out for.

Number 4

Shift One - Tables Turned

Florida, USA

Signed by the likes of Kodak Black and Tak K upon dropping his latest project, ‘First Gear’, we feature Shift One’s track, ‘Tables Turned’ at number 4 on this week’s list.

Little needs to be said about this man’s work anymore. He is boasting thousands of stream per day and growing exponentially at each stride. This track displays typical trap vibes, with a unique melodic twist and some of that thumping energy we hear from the likes of Blueface. There is nothing not to like about the track. One for all you trap heads out there for sure.

Number 5

Chase Perez - All I Do

Yonkers, USA

Chase Perez is next up on the list for this week with his new single, ‘All I Do’.

Perez appears confident in his approach to the track. He doesn’t rush his flow(s) and he sounds natural when switching it up. The production is also of a high standard which contributes to, what already clearly translates into, a track of solid replay value.

A piece of work to be proud of from the Yonkers-based rapper!

Number 6

Kelow LaTesha, Asian Doll - He Aint Mine

Surging artist, Kelly LaTesha made a statement by getting renowned female stalwart, Asian Doll on the track for her latest track, ‘He Aint Mine’.

This is such a hard song. The instrumental is hyper-aggressive, the flow is a thumper and it doesn’t let up throughout. The pair match each other’s energy and bring equal amounts of trash talk and carnage to the beat. This is a personal highlight on this week’s list for myself and I can’t wait to hear more from LaTesha.

Number 7

Just Shad - Wah Yuh Mean

Philadelphia, USA

Opposites align between 6 and 7 this week as LaTesha’s chaotic track is succeeded by Just Shad’s ‘Wah Yuh Mean’.

Shad brings his cultural rhythm out to play for this one, and doesn’t slip on the core aspects either. I particularly like the backing vocals on this one, they enhance the crisp production levels and add some much needed anticipation to the beautifully placed hook. Using nice fade ins and outs, this track possesses great commercial qualities along with authentic vibes.

A really impressive piece of craft from Philadelphia’s own!

Number 8

Maddy Carty - Playing With Fire

London, UK

An acoustic inclusion guides us to the closing section of this week’s list, as UK artist, Maddy Carty gives us her new single, ‘Playing With Fire’.

There are plenty of elements to appreciate here. It gives ‘80s vibes to me, blending a perfect combination of instruments without serving as overboard. Carty’s evident vocal quality is prominent throughout the track and is rightfully showcased. She uses her lyrics wisely, and is adamant that if you are looking for something, you are going to get it times ten with her.

“If there’s drama, drama, I’ma come and double it up”.

Certainly a UK artist to keep an eye out for in the current rising age!

Number 9

Desh.Dubs - Dubstar

The Hague, Netherlands

The penultimate addition to this week’s list sees Dutch artist, Desh.Dubs greet us with his brand new release, ‘Dubstar’.

This is a really interesting blend of styles. Initially we expect to hear trap, which later appears to be drill, yet with his own native language. The aggressive tone of drill is there, but with all the melodic fun we receive from our favourite trap songs. It’s really impressive how all this energy translates through his own language too.

I’m super excited to see what’s next in store for Desh, as this is something that I can really see (and is) taking off!

Number 10

Gabriel Munoz - 1 2 Meny

Los Angeles, USA

To conclude our list for the week, we have LA artist, Gabriel Munoz and his latest song, ‘1 2 Meny’.

First of all, the title is so innovative and relative to the song itself. He speaks about using one or two men to get over his previous lover, hence the title ‘1 2 Meny’, very clever.

The song also has that typical R&B catchiness, the beat is light and not too repetitive. The hook is simple and concise and just loops in your head. A very well put together sequence by the LA artist.

WHO'S YA FAVORITE?! CHART - Hip Hop/Rap/R&B 12/08/2022

  • Destroy Lonely - OTW

  • Tom Orlando - On Repeat

  • Cecil Ex - Butterfly Brains

  • Shift One - Tables Turned

You can vote for more than one answer.


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