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Top 10 Music Videos - 15/04/2022

Updated: Apr 16, 2022


Amy Correa Bell - Anyways

San Fernando Valley, CA, United States

"Amy Correa Bell, A Post Punk Alternative RnB Valley Girl from the 818 of Southern California. I went solo in 2018 after being in multiple bands for the past 10 years. So here it is! My latest single, “Anyways”, originally produced by production duo Beat Ventriloquists who offered it to me in 2019 when it was first recorded. It was re-recorded in 2021 after Director Valentina Vee approached me to do a music video offered by Adobe in order to collaborate and show their latest products in use."






CENZA - Unhinged

Brooklyn, NY, United States

"Cenza pays tribute to iconic women in film in music video debut "Unhinged" directed by Jean-Luc McMurtry. Campy and celebratory in nature, the video unapologetically commits to iconic film performances that Cenza has grown up with."



Monique Barry - Time

Toronto, Canada

"The piece is a response to the perils of dealing with COVID. A structured soundscape of the cycle of thoughts and emotions that prevailed during the pandemic. Time is not out for a quick return but rather is designed to evolve in its own time. I discovered cold water swimming during the pandemic and found it to be of tremendous benefit both mentally and physically. I felt it only fitting to combine the therapies of songwriter and cold plunging when making the video for Time."



Sébastien Blum - Toxic

Saint Pierre, France

"Toxic" is a deep title, mixing passion, love and nostalgia. A living poetry, where each moment encapsulates the twirling emotions of a passionate story. A relationship that undoubtedly reminds us of the work "Jeux d'Enfants" which is a work of art I've done for a previous art project. Feel free to listen to this beautiful acoustic song made with heart !"




Zurich, Switzerland

"DESPERATE(LY) is a plea to humanitarian behavior for the greater good of our global society. An abandonment of opportunism and egoism. Where does this faster, bigger, stronger world lead us to?"



PK - White Pants

Tallinn, Estonia

"white pants" is the second alternative rock video single from PK - an Estonian musician who was a rapper for over 15 years and suffered full paralysis at 17 years old. Make sure you check this out!



Willjoy - Bell

Kirkkonummi, Finland

Here is a funky and slapping house track that tells a story about on/off relationships. As seen on the video it has a lot of implementations about the hot and cold aspects and how to battle against it by raising yourself to the next level.



Jem - Lost

Cesme, Turkey

‘Lost’ is haunting and thick with emotion, directed by Jems older brother Necip Karakas. Taking place in an ancient church, accented with gold and dotted with the warm, gentle glow of candles, a soft spotlight pierces through the windows casting a stream of incandescent rays onto Jem illuminating him against the heavy dark shadows while Jem delicately begins 'Million years without the sun'.



Tony Loud Woodz - Paradise

Philadelphia, United States

"Created this video with the help of Tee Visuals behind the lens and completed all the editing. I wanted to use the footage to show how cool Philadelphia can look if you just think a little outside the box. If you enjoy or this video piques you curiosity at all, please check out the full album "What The Hell Is This" on streaming services everywhere!"


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