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Top 10 Pop - 29/04/2022



Maijah - My Time

Portland, United States

Credit - Gemma Cross

My Time will be on Maijah's debut EP "Star Fairy," and this single release will be used as a sneak peek into the EP. “My Time;” a dazzling, confidence-boosting hype song with a tone of determination. There is a commanding presence to My Time, powerfully demonstrating the process of turning self-doubt into ambition, into action. In typical Maijah style, My Time dabbles in a multitude of genres, the production (done by Nic Casey) taking the listener through a journey of everything from electronic beats, to guitar riffs, and even to jazz chords, while Maijah’s powerhouse vocals are reminiscent of classic R&B/pop stars. It’s safe to say My Time appeals to a wide variety of listeners, including fans of icons like Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Doja Cat, and Billie Eilish. If you want to be reminded of your inevitable success, and feel like a superstar while doing it, listen to “My Time” by Maijah.



Neon Black Dreams - Eternity

Kiev, Ukraine

Eternity is the fourth single from Neon Black Dreams. The band has quickly reached over 20k listeners monthly and the trend continues to grow. The song offers a melodic perspective on what love, life and trust are meant to be. The song deals culminates in dealing with loss and how to cope with being separated from those we love. Musically the song starts with unbridled euphoria of love and culminates with a more serious realization of what these feelings represent. The song end with Yara vowing to never break her promise and ensure they will be together for Eternity. Click the link below to hear it for yourselves!



Jaayns - Call You Out

Leeds, United Kingdom

Credit - Carolyn Oakley

Written and recorded on the same day, at the end of 2021 with Leeds Songwriter-Producer Ben Matravers (Easy Life, Hannah Trigwell, Josie Pronto). The song is about finding your voice and strength again after being in a manipulative relationship where you can’t quite believe how you managed to fall into someone else's spell and gaslighting but it’s the moment where you’re saying no more. The new single has a hypnotic feel or spiraling sounds, with driving beats layered with synths, vocal harmonies with overlapping bass lines. This is the second official single release for Jaayns to be released with independent alternative Northern label No Such Thing Records in 2021, a label that connects artists across genres and artistic mediums on a number of collaborations and installations.



KC Star - HOW MANY TIMES? (feat. Ellie H)

Oklahoma City, United States

Fresh off the press, DFW/OKC-based independent artist KC Star has released their second single HOW MANY TIMES? today! This is a song from his forthcoming sixth EP. The track is a collaboration with his real-life best friend Ellie H, who lends a verse and witty exchanges to the song. It is rooted in pop with influences of rock and punk music. Thematically, the track plays with the idea of two people double-crossed by the same lover coming together to attack. KC Star got his start by posting pop/rap covers on his SoundCloud back in 2017, amassing over 150k plays today. He now writes, records, and produces his own original music inspired by his favorite pop stars like Kesha, Lady Gaga, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Dua Lipa. Today's pop music scene has taken a very minimalist approach, but he aims to bring back a bombastic, anthemic dance-pop sound. Go check it out!



The Other Realm - All The Cute Boys Are Robots

New Haven, CT, United States

Credit - The Other Realm

The Other Realm has released their new single "All The Cute Boys Are Robots" This track takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to the trials and tribulations of dating in the world of Tinder, Grindr, Hinge, and the rest of the lot. The duo consists of Kenny - Songwriter, lead singer; Billie - Production who are brothers! The song is a DIY production that we recorded in our home studio in Connecticut. Kenny wrote and recorded the majority of the track, and Billie worked his magic to bring it fully to life. Their songwriting and production are most influenced by artists like Lily Allen, Weezer, MIKA, Quinn XCII, Kate Nash, Ryan Caraveo, Jeremy Zucker. Click the link below to enter 'The Other Realm'.



Liss - Heartbreaker

Melbourne. Australia

Liss released her DEBUT SINGLE titled 'Heartbreaker' earlier this week! Growing up in Melbourne, Liss started writing at the age of 9 and became fascinated with pop music. During school, this skill continued to develop, and by the time she was 19 she decided she was to study music at university. During this time she collaborated with producers and artists alike. In 2020 during lockdown she composed the skeleton of Heartbreaker. In 2021 she first came in touch with the producer Bhauraw and this is where the song had its finishing touches. Check it out using the link below!



Saticöy - Crack a Smile

Los Angeles, United States

Credits - Alex Sotak & DeMarko Giancarlo

Crack a Smile is an aural projection of confidence. The perfect soundtrack to that moment when all those risks and hard work start to pay off, and you can’t help but smile. Impassioned male vocals shattered by distortion, hard-hitting synths, lush guitars, and high energy drums carve “Crack a Smile” a unique space at the crossroads of Pop, R&B, and Rock. With an EP of the same title coming right around the corner, the song seems to reflect the band's excitement about what’s to come. Derek Long -Guitar and Vocals Jaron Takach - Drums and Production Tim Greer - Keys/Synth and Saxophone Jonny Averbook - Bass/Synth Bass & Guitar.



Jamythyst- Wild Baby

NYC, United States

Credit - Jamythyst

Jamythyst is a 90s girl with a 80s and 90s electro pop sound. Influenced by artists such as Madonna, Prince, and Lady Gaga, 'WiLD Baby' is a fun breakup song about leaving a crappy relationship once and for all. The verses are emo-trappy-pop - but the hook switches right over to '90s club vibes. I'm the sole writer, producer, + performer. It's a little Peaches, a little Paula Abdul, and a little something new for electro-pop lovers. Click the link below to check out 'WiLD Baby' now! Boasting over 11k followers, you won't want to miss it! Great track if you're into dark elements of pop.



Zhuli - The One

Sydney, Australia

Credit - Maya Luana

The One’ is an aching perspective on complicated situationships and emotional unavailability, offering inner-monologue style lyricism over glitchy prod that culminates in a 'foot down' kinda chorus. Written in 2018 following the chaos of a breakup, the song ebbs and flows between defiance and longing. Produced by Harry James (Hi Life) and mixed by Tim Watt, ‘The One’ is sydney artist Zhuli’s second single, pushing her into more electro and dance pop vibes. The music video will come out a month after the song. CHECK IT OUT!



Mercy - Going Down

LA, United States

Credit - Mercy

Mercy - a solo artist from LA, United States is back with her signature sound in 'Going Down'. Released on 17/12/2021, this track has been circulating for a while - we wish we had of heard it sooner! This song images the storytelling of the descent into madness that happens when you’re being gaslighted in a relationship. I think most of us can relate to this one. Influenced by the likes of Ava Max, Lady Gaga, Madonna, we can really see it through the visuals and the sound that this artist brings. Click the link below to hear 'Mercy' now!


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