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Top 10 Videos - 22/04/2022



TATARELLA- Lontano dai ricordi

Napoli, Italy

Tatarella is a singer, actor, and now also a singer-songwriter, who entrusts his own pen and voice to the arrangements by Gaetano De Luca. 'Far from memories' is a piece that paints the story of the desire to grow and escape from the cage that we self-build, the demons that crowd our minds, and the chains that keep us attached to our fears and uncertainties.



TROLN - Says Abraham

Copenhagen, Denmark

‘Says Abraham’ is song about devotion to a god or a spiritual leader--but not necessarily in a good way. The song is rooted in a violent organ riff from which the story about a creature ‘Abraham’ arises with the sound and drama of a murder ballad. Many are looking for something or someone to believe in. Someone to follow. Someone to tell us what to do and to whom we can direct our dreams and longing. In the hope that someone will hear our prayers, notice our sacrifices.



Mark Newman - Tulsa

Mark Newman’s “Tulsa” Demonstrates the Horror of the Black Wall Street Massacre on Its 100th Anniversary. The tale of the Tulsa Race Riot Told in Picture/Video Montage and Song. The video for “Tulsa”, a new track by Singer/Songwriter Mark Newman co-written with Walter Roberti in remembrance of the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921, (which just marked it’s infamous 100th anniversary in June) is available now on YouTube. The video was Directed by George Panagakos of 525 Media.



Bella Rios - Calm Down

Nashville, TN, United States

Bella Rios sent us her latest video release for her single titled 'Calm Down'. This video was directed by Dustin Kirkendall and is a song is about finally breaking away from a relationship where you've felt put down and inferior. This is a track that addresses the feeling you have once you realise that you deserve more and showcases the satisfaction that comes to light when moving on in search of happiness. Set to a bluesy deconstructed rock beat, Bella Rios brings a bad bitch energy in her Doc Martins as she starts a new chapter full of confidence. Ending the video with a wink, we know that this is an artist who has a cheeky side to their artistry and we're so excited to hear more from her in the coming months!



Losun - Crossroad

Madrid, Spain

Losun sent us his latest video for his single 'Crossroad'. The band consists of Mateo Guidali - a multi-instrumentalist whose main influences are Tame Impala, alt J, Portugal the Man, and Milky Chance. The track was written and co-produced by Mateo Guidali, produced and mixed by Brais Ruibal, and recorded at Riverman Studios, Spain. This song talks about meeting a person at a crossroads, but sadly having to part ways.



Emily Mercer - Maybe Then

Manchester, United Kingdom

This song explores the idea of letting go of perfectionism and is based on the artists' personal experiences. The music video, shot in Scotland in January, reflects this idea. The artist commented that one of the lyrical hooks - "I've been waiting on a work of art but there's no such thing' was a freeing idea to me, that everything is subjective and perfection doesn't exist." Check it out.



cable tv - rafters

London, United States

James Yuill is the genius behind this manga-style-filled aesthetic. As his sixth single as cable tv, he wrote, produced, and did all of the visuals for this project. This track essentially started as an ode to early 90s r&b toplines (but with synths) and has since developed its own dark aesthetic. A track that discusses themes such as masculine toxicity and self-doubt - it’s become an expression of the darker aspects of the artists' mind. This new single is about being your own worst enemy.



Goofy Cow - Timeline ft. Sigi & Brambi From Sunset Trail

Olomouc, Czech Republic

Goofey Cow have a new single titled 'Timeline' and invited their metalcore friends from Sunset Trail to join the party. 'Timeline' has everything - energy, melancholy, aggression, softness, heavy guitars, melodic guitars... "When we were composing Timeline, we felt that the song had more different moods. We wanted to support it with a harder passage. To do this, the guys from Sunset Trail seemed to us like ideal choice. We are very happy that Sigi and Brambi took it and did a lot of work on it. A big thank you to them for that!" says drummer Goofy Cow Venc.



sautereau - What If

New York, United States

“What if” is about hitting it off with someone for the first time. It’s an ode to New York City, and its little wonders we often overlook. The artist wrote this song whilst reliving those precious moments that were still crisp in her mind. The video channels the energy of the city in support of the song's imagery. A little rough around the edges, the way life is, it is fast-paced and in-tune with the city, highlighting its precious little things.



Linda Bugatti - speak my mind

Stockholm, Sweden

A genre-bending gem with influences from drum and bass and pop with a hint of lo-fi vibe. ’speak my mind’ invites you to a sweet liberating escape filled with harmonies that will make you feel like you’re soaring. It tells the story of speaking your true thoughts and being authentic with yourself and those close to you. Releasing control over others' perceptions of you and indulging in being your truest self.



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