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Top 10 Videos - 29/04/2022



Vuola - Laugh Vivid Often Adore Unity

Turku, Finland

“Laugh Vivid Often Adore Unity” is the second single of debut artist VUOLA: a Finnish drummer, producer and studio manager, Jussi Vuola. In his music, there’s a shimmer in darkness, a touch in space, beauty in distortion and aspiration in despair. Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, as well as Tom Scholz of Boston are being credited, too. All proceeds of the single as well as the anticipated, esoteric, heavy hitting May album ‘Alouv’ will be donated to the victims of the Ukraine war via UNICEF.



See Your Shadow - Missing West Virginia

Phoenix, Arizona, United States

"The song actually came out of a phone call I had with Daniel, my Nashville publisher at the time. As we were talking, he mentioned that he had just met a young singer and had lunch with him earlier that day. I remember after the phone call, this line and melody got stuck in my head. So, I called Daniel back, and I told him that ever since we spoke, I had this line and melody stuck in my head, and the line is ‘Missing West Virginia.’ I asked him why that would be significant, and his response to me was that the singer he just had lunch with was from West Virginia, and he mentioned at lunch how much he misses West Virginia. It was really eerie. I couldn’t ignore all the signs, so I sat down and wrote the piece, even though I myself had never been to West Virginia. I told Richard, (Murray) the story and we worked together on bringing the piece to life.”



Mark Vickness Interconnected - Alluvial Fan

Bishop, CA, United States

Alluvial Fans is the first piece to be released from Mark Vickness'new album, In The Rain Shadow which features his group, Mark Vickness Interconnected. The musicians in this group include two-time Grammy winning violinist, Mads Tolling; Matt Renzi (oboe/english horn/saxophone); Joseph Hebert (cello); Dan Feiszli (bass); Grammy award winning percussionist MB Gordy and tabla virtuoso Ty Burhoe.



Joyeur - Underbelly

Los Angeles, United States

Los Angeles-based Joyeur is gearing up to release her debut album, How to Love Yourself and Not Destroy Everything—dropping May 25th. Her lead single “Underbelly" is a song about the power of vulnerability and the intense fear that comes with exposing the most seemingly unlovable and tender parts of ourselves. The single is accompanied by a self-directed music video in which Jo reveals it all.



Catherine Elms - Frustrations

Swansea, United Kingdom

Dark Alternative musician, Catherine Elms, strikes out with her new single, ‘Frustrations’. With drums provided by Brian Viglione of The Dresden Dolls, the song fuses hard rock, dark cabaret, emotionally-charged melodies and impassioned lyrics. In ‘Frustrations’, Catherine sees a world of injustice and inequality, and vents against those with the

power to make change who refuse to do so.



Jo Beth Young - Adversity

Sussex, United Kingdom

This is the second single from Indie-folk artist Jo Beth Young's upcoming album Broken Spells. The song features Peter Yates from Fields Of The Nephillim and has premiered already on BBC and Saturday Night With Hayley Palmer on Sky TV as her song of the week. As a third album, it has striking differences to her previous work, with electro folk sounds. The video was shot on the West Of Ireland in The Burren Mountains.



Ainsley Costello - Little Sister

Nashville, Tn, United States

Ainsley Costello brings her sensational single "Little Sister" to life in her new music video released on April 15th. Partnered with Jason Johnston of Fifty Oars motion Pictures Co. no detail is left unchecked. Costello utilizes a variety of shots of her singing and playing guitar on her bed, glancing over at a flatscreen television that has her sister on it, back to the camera. We also see shots of Ainsley singing along to her song, switching between striking red and sleek black outfits.



Rain Bice - Paper Cuts

Pitt Meadows, Canada

Fourteen year old singer/songwriter Rain Bice is a blend of Alternative-pop/Inide rock and a little bit of goth style. They debuted with there single "Paper Cuts", a song about the struggles of mental illness. This is the Official Music Video for “Paper Cuts”. Their goal in life is to spread awareness and help others with mental illness through music. They identify as non binary and use they/them pronouns.



Family Time - Das Risiko

Barcelona, Spain

The Hispano-German cousins Family Time have released a new single ahead of their album coming out this Spring. Blue-eyed Maximilian—the wizard mind behind their razor-sharp sound—steps into the spotlight taking the lead on the self-penned 'Das Risiko'. In their video for the song, directed by Kieran Behan, the cousins have wanted to explore their own intimate relationship—one known to be long, fruitful and deeply complicated—and how, as with any decent love story, it is shot through with phantasmagoric projections, delusion, anxiety, and brooding sexual tension.



Sirene - Walk Alone

London, United Kingdom

With an overriding message of finding strength in the face of adversity, 'Walk Alone' sheds light on the aftermath of being sexually assaulted. The song is an imagined response to an apology I received in 2020, ten years after the transformative incident. This release is an introduction to a fresh and timely project; "a collection of songs based on conversations I've never had."



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