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Updated: Jul 8, 2022



Dax - Searching For a Reason

Wichita, United States

‘Searching For a Reason’ by Dax starts off with Dax sitting under a tree and is then greeted onto an Alice in Wonderland setting which is very creative in the music industry. The video then progresses to showcase Dax as the Mad Hatter who then kills Alice in a whole plot twist fashion. The video then ends with Dax sitting under the same tree which provides a cyclical structure to the music video which I enjoyed. Overall, this is the best video I have seen due its intertextuality of Alice and wonderland and I loved the narrative of it.



Patrick Doval - Soulless Machine

Miami, United States

‘Soulless Machine’ by Patrick Doval starts with a hypnotic image inside a TV screen. The video then progresses to showcase Patrick Doval watching the TV screen and wearing sunglasses. This connotes a message that everything in the media is not as it seems and therefore the media often fools the audience which was a clever message to be honest. The video then showcases a laboratory setting accompanied by a woman changing from a human to what appears to be a costume with intertextual references to the film ‘Alien’ which was thoughtful. Overall, I enjoyed the video as it has a conceptualised narrative to it and I hope to see this concept frequently in the media.



Jeremy Amato - Hatemail

Los Angeles, United States

‘HATEMAIL’ by Jeremy Amato starts with him getting out of a car and gate-crashing what appears to be a child’s birthday party. The video then progresses to have children partying with the artist Jeremy Amato whilst the parents of the children are in a state of shock and hysteria. This is enjoyable as it shows a sense of childhood rebellion and power. The video then showcases psychedelic visuals of what appears to be Jeremy Amato walking around a dark room. The video ends with the same setting of the children’s party. I enjoyed this video due to its rebellious nature.




Brighton, United Kingdom

‘No Exit' by HVIRESS stood out to me instantly as being inspired by Jean Paul Sartre's play 'In Camera' aka 'No Exit'. This video starts with zoom-in shots of what appears to be whisky, a sofa and dark red lips connoting a mysterious vibe to it which I love. The video then progresses to have HVIRESS in revealing outfits and they are drowning/ putting a man in a cage. The video then showcases HVIRESS and the man they have presumably killed laying on the floor whilst they are miming the lyrics to the song. Overall, this video has a very dark and dominant vibe to it which I love and I hope to see this concept portrayed more in the music industry.



Canek - SEXXXsorship

Lyon, France

‘SEXXXsorship’ by Canek has close-up shots of what appears to be Canek miming the lyrics to the camera which gives a performance narrative the video. The video then progresses to have two men seducing the main artist Canek which gives off an intimate vibe to the music video. The video often has close-ups of the men’s bodies which connotes a feeling that they are not afraid for their bodies to be shown for the purpose of this music video. Overall, this video gives a mysterious and sensual vibe to it, and I can hear this song being played in a club. Bravo to Canek.



Mythie - Mermaids Live Session

Lille, France

‘Mermaids’ by Mythie is a 6 minute 48 second video which is a live recording of the artist Mythie performing this song. The video often has close shots of Mythie and what appears to be another woman playing a Theremin which I have never seen before, so it was nice to have a little bit of surveillance in the video. Another thing I enjoyed seeing in the video is Mythie playing the launch pad as it shows that she is versatile with her musical range. Overall, I enjoyed the video as it provides an intimate setting of the artist Mythie and her bandmate playing the Theremin in this video.



ONE STONE - Am I The First

Tokyo, Japan

'Am I The First' by One Stone is a live performance video. The video has visuals of the group playing the electric/bass guitar, electric piano, and drums which fit the synth/classic rock genre. The video then progresses to a monochrome moving image of One Stone, contrasting with the main video. What I liked about the video was the performance narrative and the blurry quality as it is similar to the music videos of the 80s so it gives a nostalgic feel to the audience. To conclude, this video is a must-see for people who enjoy this type of video, bravo to One Stone.



Scarlet Joy - Lost at Sea

Spilsby, United Kingdom

‘LOST AT SEA’ by Scarlet Joy starts with shots of the sea and then progresses to have the lead singer singing the lyrics of ‘LOST AT SEA’ along the coast which showcases the vibe of the music video. The video often has close shots of the artist Scarlet Joy which could connote the pain felt by her in the music video. The video then ends with what appears to be Scarlet Joy laying on the beach and giving the camera fearful NVC which gives a spooky vibe to the music video. I enjoyed the music video due to the heartfelt emotions portrayed throughout and the visuals of the setting.



Ellery Twining - WEATHERALL

Mystic, CT, United States

‘Weatherall’ by Ellery Twinning starts off with a linear narrative which showcases the groups work over the course of how long they have been creating music for. The music video then progresses to have a woman walking out of a van towards a house. The video then shows the house to be demolished and shows the woman to be homeless and on the streets which shows the inequality of everyday life and in the world around us. The video then ends with a zoom in shot of a piece of paper which says Friday 29th July 2011 which can show significance to this date.



Sarantos - Father's Day

Chicago, United States

‘Sarantos Father’s Day’ starts with the image of what appears to be a wedding. The video then progresses to have lyrics accompanied with the video which is good for people who want to learn the lyrics of this song whilst watching the video at the same time. The often has visuals of fathers playing with their children and ones that align with the lyrics of the song which offers the audience to understand the intent and nature of the song. Overall, I think this video is perfect for people who want to surprise their fathers for the next time Father’s Day comes and I’m sure they will enjoy it.






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