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True Legacy

Alameda, United States

Photo Credit - Roadtrip Sideways Eight

Let's get familiar with the Multi-talented, entrepreneur and artist, Tora Woloshin. Where do we start with her journey?! The latest release from Woloshin entitled 'True Legacy' oozes with afro-pop and R&B flavour - something that we all need in our lives!

has just released her most iconic single yet!

'True Legacy' is short but spicey coming in at just under two minutes but you will only need one second before adding it to your playlists! Vocal chops, a dominant afrobeat and gorgeously textured R&B vocals will have you wanting more for sure.

There's no limit to where Woloshin will rise, mentored by the one and only Simon Cowell on the X Factor USA is something that most of us could only dream of (or watch) not to mention touring with Grammy nominated B.o.B, opening for the legend Ne-Yo and Pink to name a few.

Modelling for Puma and Nike, and featuring in ELLE Magazine are amongst some of the evergrowing achievements that this artist has under her belt. Are we looking at a future superstar? I think so!

It's a no brainer, Tora Woloshin has made our Ones2Watch with ease! - TAMARA JENNA

Make sure that you click play below, and get adding it to your playlists - you'd be crazy not to!


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