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Tormodur's 'Green, Yellow and Red': A Nostalgic 00s Rock Revival

Tormodur is pushing back the curtain of new rock and setting it up around a massive 00s reveal. When the curtain comes down at the chorus of his latest track, ‘Green, Yellow and Red (Can’t Figure You Out),’ all of that 00s rock punky goodness spills into the sound space and washes away any worries and any fears. The song is a blast the whole way through. Guitars rile up drums and bass, they work together to try and keep up with those stellar vocals that dance over the top of everything. The light is brilliant, the tone is mesmerising — but what really captures the heart of the song is the melody, the sway, and that chorus.

‘Green, Yellow and Red (Can’t Figure You Out)’ is a blessed song. There are layers to everything. The more you listen, the more you hear. Diving into the lyrics reveals an honest outpouring of emotion. This is Tormodur’s outlet, music. It is a pleasure to be a witness to such an emotional and profound event: true music played from the heart. Spellbinding.



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