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TORPEY's 'This Old Road' Carves a Path of Harmonious Folk Tones, Echoing the Beauty of Simplicity

TORPEY is bringing the world back into that folk stage that we all know and love, this time with powerful vocals and a truly inspiring melody. The power of the single ‘This Old Road’ cannot be understated. There is a brilliance to the guitar that sends it out and over cool waters. There is a bold choice to be made in the bass department, but TORPEY gets it right first time. There is a boom, a thud, a sound of quality silence, then the instruments play. They rise in a mighty medley and fall with the breath of the greats. The banjo heads in to add some colour beneath the vibrant vocals as they soar through purple clouds.

‘This Old Road’ conveys a tremendous feeling and one that I am completely in love with. It’s got that folk oomph in the bottom. It’s got that pop beat in the base. The melody shines with a loving glow and the fire crackles in the night. This single makes you feel warm in the best of ways, and TORPEY does it with such faith and class. A tune to die for if you ask me. It’s bright, honest, and full of amazing ideas that you simply have to experience for yourself. Heartwarming.


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