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TRUCKERBOMB - Everything



Los Angeles, United States

Credit - Pierre Quinton

TruckerBomb are hitting hard with their latest single, ‘Everything.’ It's a mash-up of country, alternative country and hard Americana rock. The result is a texture and sound that can only be TruckerBomb. It's hearty, the blues are riveted to every line, every chord, every space of silence. They lie in the back and they allow such wonderful colours to spread from the rock that arrives at your ears. ‘Everything’ is a slower song, it sways with the swing of the drums and a beautiful arpeggiated guitar riff seals the deal. The vocals are bright and have that country twang that you need even more than coffee in the morning. It's a wonderful feeling when the band swells at the end, that big finish. Goosebumps.

TruckerBomb plays a sound that will never die to an audience that will never perish. Good, hard, Americana Rock will never have a sunset. It's always high noon and it’s a glorious day to experience anything and ‘Everything.’



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