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Warrington, United Kingdom

Indie hard rock, loud guitars, a funky bass line, ripper vocals and a hook that could catch a whale shark. If all that sounds good to you then line up to listen to the new single from TWO TONNE MACHETE, ‘BLOCKS.’ It's a hell of a ride from start to finish. The textures from the electric guitars and bass baffle and amaze. Harsh yet smooth, brittle yet robust; they clamour for attention over the pounding of the drums. They riff, converse and retort with wonderful clarity before the vocals set in to show them all how it's done. Power is the name of the game. The melody is hammered home with vicious pace, and it's awash with colour and attitude. Indie punk in the underground scene wishes it sounded this good.

‘BLOCKS’ is a song that will live with me. It's played not just from the heart, but from that animalistic place that resides within every one of us. When you find a song that strikes that chord it's fantastic. This time it was struck by a TWO TONNE MACHETE.


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