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Unlocking Timeless Tone with the UAFX 1176 Compressor Pedal: A Budget-Friendly Gateway to Quality

Starting a home studio can be tough, especially on a budget. In the music world, there are two budgets, there's money (which is the obvious one) and then there’s space. Once you start buying music gear, you soon run out of room to store it all, which is why, most times, it’s best to buy something that can do it all — or at least a lot of it. That’s where the UAFX 1176 Compressor Pedal comes in.

Key Features

  • The world-renowned UA 1176 in pedal form

  • Get three legendary 1176 setups in a single pedal for the same timeless tones heard on classic records

  • Elevate your clean tones and add iconic squeeze to any genre with simple controls and infinite ratio settings

  • Switchable true/buffered bypass and compact pedalboard-friendly design for versatile use on stage and in the studio

Universal Audio UAFX 1176 Studio Compressor Pedal
Universal Audio UAFX 1176 Studio Compressor Pedal

If you’re a guitarist, gigging or rocking out in your bedroom, compressors are a must-have. They push your sound into a diverse world of ranges; adding gains, fluffy tones and heady sustains. If you know how to use them, compressors can work wonders. The UAFX 1176 is a pedal modelled after the famous 1176 studio compressor released in 1967, a compressor on more of your favourite tracks than you could ever count. This pedal uses the same ideals, the same feel and control styles, and hey, it even comes from the same company — so you know they’ve got the pedigree.

Universal Audio UAFX 1176 Studio Compressor Pedal
Universal Audio UAFX 1176 Studio Compressor Pedal

The UAFX 1176 is a new pedal released alongside a few others from Universal Audio, but for me, if you had to get just one, this is the one to get. Hanging around £190, it’s not in that budget pedal space, no. On the plus side, it’s nowhere near the premium end either. For that money you’re getting a compressor that can do it all, in the studio or at home, all while fitting on a pedal board for your convenience. Factor in the heritage, the vast array of sounds and textures that this pedal can achieve and the ease of use, and you’re in for a good old time.

At £189.00 on Andertons, and £190 on PMT and Gear4Music, this pedal is fresh off the press and ready to wire into your setup. A fantastic new release from one of the greatest names in studio gear.

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