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Ubiquity Machine Breaks Genre Barriers with Electrifying 'Radio'

‘Radio’ from Ubiquity Machine may be the first single I have heard from a currently developing genre of indie punk-pop. It's got the attitude down, this confidence and power that starts at the back of your throat. The single rises in volume and the vocals follow, pushing for the highs. The instrumental is gritty, tonal, full of energy and simple melodies. It works wonders and in no time you are transfixed. But the song doesn’t get comfy, no — it shifts.

The chorus comes around and the punk vibes flip off, the thick R&B beats slide in. The vocals stay but the textures are gone, replaced by a bass line that bleeds funk and a drum that could bring the rain. It catches you off guard the first time, but by the second you’re into it. The last chorus blends these two clashing worlds with perfect honesty. It's a stellar end to a stellar song. Ubiquity Machine have nailed it with ‘Radio.’ Get your ears around it.



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