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Underhill West's 'I Look At The Times': A Thrilling Blend of Pop and Indie Rock

Underhill West has unleashed a fantastic new single with, ‘I Look At The Times.’ The song rides a razor's edge between pop and indie rock. The pop melody is there, that pop punch, the fun, the flare, the beat! But the texture is rock — the chorus glitches and rounds into a heavy guitar tone. The vocals soar, flying high above the chorus, dipping down to caress the verse before shooting up high again. There is emotion here, on the surface, but if you dig there is something deeper, an outcry, a potent and powerful message that you will have to find for yourself.

‘I Look At The Times’ kept blowing through my expectations. Just as I thought I had seen everything the song had to offer, something new came along. It is masterfully written, and masterfully performed. Every instrument clicks with another, there is a massive shift in the middle, but the vibe carries through. Musical magic. Underhill West are scholars of rock.

P.S. Also, the video is amazing! Give it a watch, it will blow you away.



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