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Unleashed Fury: Dogboy's 'Rush' Blends Raw Power & Precision in a Whirlwind of Sonic Brilliance

Dogboy are holding nothing back. Their latest single, ‘Rush,’ is a beautiful amalgam of rock, punk, prose and power. The guitars punch it from go. The bite is there, the texture, cutting the silence like a high-revved chainsaw. The oomph is legendary, but it doesn’t stop at 11. Bass drops in, pushes it harder. Drums smash out the windows and begin to take the roof down. The mess is eccentric, and the vocals begin to sing. They are clear, bright, they have a flare, and some style. It’s high rock, it's new rock — and it’s a great old time. The song pushes into the chorus as the pace picks up even more. The riff makes a return and you are lost in the thick of it.

‘Rush’ has the speed, the power, and the energy to make it through to you. It is also played with precision, understanding and talent. So not only do you get the message loud and clear, but Dogboy makes sure you remember it and come back for more. Insane.



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